DocHaus' 2018 GsOTY (that he actually played) [WIP]

a lot shorter this year because I've been playing previous year titles instead

List items

  • More of that awesome Hitman goodness I love, but seriously, can't you add a subtitle or something to not overwrite the memory of the actual Hitman 2: Silent Assassin? C'mon!

  • A throwback to the good bits of the franchise that helped us forget about the terrible spinoff that never existed, this time from the POV of anime-Allied Forces and the unit largely comprised of anime-Belgium fighting against the evil forces of anime-Mengele. The addition of the Grenadiers/portable mortars was a nice touch. Now bring over upscaled versions of VC2/3 you cowards! Or just give us 3 and leave 2 behind if possible!

  • As someone who hasn't played the original 2nd game when it came out, I've been enjoying this title. Interesting choice to see them keep the same Dragon Engine and leveling system from Yakuza 6, with a modified Clan Battle system from before. Still working my way through the game but the action, story, and crazy substories keep me entertained.

  • Finally all your favorite heroes and villains are playable in this 3v3 fighting game! You can be Goku! Blonde Goku! Blonde Robot Goku! Blonde Angry Goku! Blue Goku! Blue Angry Goku! Black/Purple Goku! Fat Pink Goku! Short Pink Goku! Bald Goku! Three-eyed Goku! Yamcha! It's amazing and I suck at it!

  • A return to form for Soul Calibur after the largely terrible SC5 which replaced about half the cast with palette-swaps for no apparent reason. The story helps flesh out what each character was doing around the time of 2-3, a commendable effort though I doubt anyone was thinking of plot consistency when they originally designed the characters outside of message board arguments like "who would win between a sexy shield maiden from Ancient Greece and a sexy kunoichi wearing a spandex outfit that wouldn't exist for about four centuries after the Sengoku era?"

  • More like a tech demo for the Dragon Engine than a full on Yakuza title imo. Impressive graphics and physics but the incredibly streamlined combat system with ragdoll physics feels like a big step down from Yakuza 0. Also the regular cast outside of Kiryu largely takes a backseat to the proceedings as new characters from Hiroshima and various celebrity cameos pop up instead. The Big Twist in the story near the end feels more confusing than impactful, but maybe it means something more to the Japanese. At least you can manage your own amateur baseball team, fistfight a K-Pop star, become a regular at a small-town bar, and hire real-life NJPW wrestlers to engage in street-fights for you.

  • Where Kiwami 2 uses the engine from Yakuza 6, pretty sure this game used the engine from Yakuza 5. Pretty fun game if you wanted a crash course on the various main characters that Ken has clashed with in the past without worrying where they fit in the larger canon of the series. The fighting's great but other elements feel copy-pasted from other Yakuza titles, and in some cases even have the exact same background music and sound effects (looking at you, casino and club minigames!). Also, why does Kenshiro seem to have difficulty turning and moving while inside buildings? Maybe Hokuto no Ken teaches him to be super-polite when he's inside. Despite my complaints about this game, Takaya Kuroda is perfect to voice Kenshiro, and the Yakuza team's mixture of serious tone in a less-serious world still works here.