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DocHaus Top 10 Games of 2016 List [that he actually played]

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  • Yes the loot crate gatcha system is a bit sketchy and the community can get real...shifty at times, but other than that I have no complaints and have dumped so many hours into this game that it has been more than worth the original purchase price.

  • Ah, Agent 47, how I missed you after the disappointment that was Absolution. My skills have gotten rusty, as I keep flubbing the missions outside of "shoot person and hope I don't get spotted afterward." Need to get back to my ways of making them look like accidents.

  • The remastered version for PS4 came out in 2016 and I needed to fill out my list, so shut up! It's like the Spider-Man 2 The Video Game sequel I never knew I wanted! The ability to fly almost anywhere and stick to any surface in some weird gaslit-fantasy-French town is amazing!

  • Technically been in JP arcades since last year, but only recently has it appeared stateside, and with new mechanics to encourage offense! I just wish I was good at fighting games so I could beat actual people offline.

  • I really love what they did with the setting and the story, and Austin Walker's writing on this game made me love those aspects even more. Just wish the objectives in the gameplay weren't so repetitive and easy.

  • A half-roguelike half-MMORPG thing with that Suda51 flavor sprinkled liberally throughout. Uncle Death is a real cool cat.

  • Essentially a boss rush game with cool music, challenging but great.

  • Back when I was commuting on the Metro, this game consumed me as I painstakingly tried to minimize loss of life while playing Birthright. And after finally beating it, I can now re--wait, there's two more stories? AAAAAAAA! I'LL NEVER FINISH THIS GAME!

  • It does the complicated things so well: the art, the setting, the roadtrip and the sidequests...which makes it doubly-frustrating when the simpler aspects like the main story and fighting mechanics bug out in various ways. Also the part where they apparently rushed the prologue so they had to cram a large chunk of the early story into the tie-in Kingsglaive movie? Real skeevy move there, guys. Can't wait for the patch to fix everything and make me hate things a bit less.

  • Yeah this game was pretty good.