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Gacha games I played

In order of how much I like them, might be cool, don't be a Gudako.

List items

  • Pros: relatively easy to learn, great artwork/sound/animestory. Almost the entire game is in decent, localized English. A very large variety of characters, weapons, summons, and classes to play with and the upgrade systems are not that complicated. Can switch between Gran and Djeeta at any time.

    Cons: difficult to register without a guide as there is no official worldwide version (though there is an English release).

    Chance of rolling a SSR: 3-6%, both characters and summons in the pot.

    Free 10-roll frequency: Surprisingly high, as the events cycle around!

    Best Girl: difficult to choose just one, but Sen takes it with her upbeat attitude and catlike reflexes.

    Best Boy: Another toughie, but give it up for Siegfried. He's got both a armored outfit when it's time for business and a robe for relaxing during the summer.

  • Pros: Tower defense game with animal-girls (and boys) and a dark story I'm enjoying a lot more than I expected. Can beat quite a bit of the story with just 3-4* units.

    Cons: They are quite stingy with the free gems for doing 10-rolls, and the Recruits will never go above 4* unless you get lucky.

  • Pros: Amazing animations for all main characters and some special attacks, arguably the best on this list. Dubbed English VO (at least for the global version) is pretty good. Story seems to be decent.

    Cons: No option to skip animations when you get bored of them, nor any speed-up option unlike others on this list. Auto-battle AI often wastes most powerful abilities first, even when unnecessary. Amount of grinding needed to promote/awaken units means you'll probably run out of energy real quick.

    Chance of rolling a 5*: A fraction over 1%, but I somehow got two of them early.

    Free 10-roll frequency: You get one after beating Chapter 1-10 that you can reroll up to 30 times until you find the combo you like. Then none.

    Best Girl: Clarissa, a bipolar nun with a giant mace hidden under her habit. Just as long as you're not a heretic, it's cool.

    Best Boy: If I'm allowed to name a crossover character, then Sol Badguy. If not, then I'll give it to Sez. Hopefully Bellona will break him out of his shell.

  • A JRPG gacha with puzzle action that really clicks with me.

  • Never played the original game but this prequel is pretty fun. Can definitely see the DNA of Another Eden in how this game works, but with a party and combat system that's more fun to play. Unfortunately, the grinding to get a good party to survive later quests gets a bit annoying.

  • Pros: simplified oldschool FF action and story, draw on many characters from the franchise oeuvre, chance to have "pudgy, injured guy from the FFXV: Kingsglaive movie" team up with "miniboss from FF4." Square Enix has also been slipping in characters from other franchises as well, so you can have Lara Croft team up with Adam Jensen, Rico Rodriguez, and the Dragonlord from Dragon Quest for some reason. Also the sprite animations are pretty good and there are plenty of hidden chests to find on maps, if that's your thing.

    Cons: The "Trust Master" system which requires either rolling a ton of duplicates or Mogs for one character's special item if you want to customize your characters to have a chance at winning harder/later fights. Fuck that shit.

    Chance of rolling a 5*: About 3%

    Free 10-roll frequency: Not very high once you clear the initial stages. Hope there are some good crossover events.

    Best Girl: Give it up for Dark Fina, everyone! She casts all kinds of black magic, she can retaliate when attacked, she can give enemies random ailments in one shot, and she has a whip. Also comes in a beach version, because even evil could use a vacation once in a while.

    Best Boy: My main man Nyx, you didn't make it out of Insomnia but here you were my first 6* unit, and the one I can count on to debuff enemies while slicing through them with your kukri.

  • Pros: FFTactics-style turn-based gaming, really good rolling rates, entertaining gameplay, city-states named after the Seven Deadly Sins for some reason and everyone just treats it like it ain't no thing. Decent amount of character customization possible. 2.0 patch made some serious QOL improvements. Interesting crossover characters if you get them in time.

    Cons: annoying VO, cheesy story, you'll have to roll the same character many, many times to get the loadout you want and if that character came from a limited event crossover then you're almost SOL.

    Chance of rolling a 5*: About 10%!

    Free 10-roll frequency: Pretty high, if you count getting 500 free gems and spending them on 10-rolls every month as "free."

    Best Girl: Rahu, for being such a wonderful Chronomancer out of the gate, then you accidentally broke the AI and made my Sage teamkill a few times. But if I wasn't lazy, you'd be on my team all the time.

    Best Boy: If I'm allowed to nominate a crossover event character, then Gilgamesh (of Fate Something/Whatever fame). Otherwise, the crown goes to Edgar, the #1 Women Respecter in the game.

  • Good: You want more NieR? You got more NieR.

    Bad: The grinding to beat some of the later challenges. Game practically plays itself with minimal input from you.

  • Pros: Surprisingly decent 3D graphics and animations, okay fantasy story when you get really into it, less time needed to grind your favorite Heroes.

    Cons: At some point you'll hit a wall trying to grind your favorites into 6*

  • Pros: A spinoff of Girls Frontline. Rather than stubbornly sticking to the same system it actually takes into account several improvements. Characters are actually wearing clothes.

    Cons: Still a gacha game. Strategy is limited during actual fights. Quickly run out of stamina each day trying to grind later levels.

  • Pros: your favorite framblam characters! Like Tharja! And Boobie lady with a axe! And the same lady but now she has a bow and is dressed in a seasonal kimono!

    Cons: Incredibly streamlined combat to fit mobile devices (though they reportedly shoehorned some newer FE mechanics in recently). Story that repeats itself endlessly. Difficult to upgrade characters without some serious grinding. You soon realize how few characters there are in Fire Emblem and there's not a lot of OCs to make up for them. Music and graphics are pretty lacking.

    Chance of rolling a 5*: About 2%

    Free 5-roll frequency: none, unless you count saving up 20 Orbs as a "free" roll, then I'd say a modest frequency.

    Best Girl: Camilla, New Year's Edition.

    Best Boy: This is a tough one, but I'll give it to Roy, Brave Lion edition.

  • Good game that's like a less (but not zero) ANIME kind of HI3 with Devil May Cry style action, but it just doesn't click with me for some reason.

  • Like a gacha-fied Crisis Zone but almost all the girls are robots with large asses that jiggle as they fire. Still a lot of bugs to iron out. Some of the character designs will make you embarrassed to tell anyone you play this game. Shooty action is pretty fun though (assuming your Nikkes are levelled up enough).

  • It's a fun little throwback to Chrono Trigger but Octopath Traveler CotC is better.

  • A fun game but look at a random handful of the titular Artery Gears and you'll be embarrassed to admit to anyone that you play this game. Also the localization of the dialogue is so bad that a couple mistyped Javascript(?) tags actively breaks a couple cutscenes.

  • wot if u could fuck a WWII-era battleship? Ranging from giant-breasted to "hello there, would you like to have a seat?"

  • Pros: Get to have historical legends fight for you (and 70% of them were pretty girls all along!), no map stages so you can be lazy, decent animestory, good crossover events, Gudako

    Cons: Gudako, terrible localization (that has since been improved), being unable to level-up any characters through battle and needing special events to earn EXP-boosting cards, the depressingly-low chance of getting a 5* character, realizing that my OG Saber is probably lost forever when my old phone died before I could transfer the data and I had to create a new account and eventually rolled Nero as a consolation prize NO I'M NOT BITTER YOU ARE!

    Chance of rolling a 5*: lol, hope you like Craft Essences, otherwise you have a 1% chance of getting an actual character.

    Free 10-roll frequency: lol

    Best Girl: you can't beat the original Saber (Arturia/Altria) imo, Jeanne (Alter) comes pretty close. Must be the armor.

    Best Boy: I know, y'all want me to say Astolfo. Well you'd be correct, but a close second goes to Hans Christian Andersen for being such a good sport despite being so tiny.

  • Pros: Action game in the palm of your hand that allows you to pull off some cool moves. Nice mixture of weapons and (some) characters provides variety in how you tackle enemies. Real good graphics for a mobile title.

    Cons: Can't be lazy as the gameplay requires you to be on your toes at all times. No idea what the story's about and the tie-in manga barely elaborates on it. Annoying voice-actors. Rock-paper-scissors advantage system made confusing with their choice of "mecha-psychic-creature." Only like 5 playable characters but you have to unlock their better forms through lots of grinding & gacha, or special events.

    Chance of rolling a S-rank: unknown, probably low

    Free 10-roll frequency: lol, not even for newbies

    Best Girl: Everyone in this game sucks, but the bunnygirl ninja Yae Sakura has an elegant air about her. So...her, I guess.

    Best Boy: [404 Men Not Found]

  • Pros: Character design is actually pretty cool and voice actors do a decent job of playing their characters.

    Cons: Shitty draw rates. Barely any distinguishing features during gameplay. Most Sinners can only take on one baddie at a time. Game keeps crashing on me during cutscenes and the pros aren't enough for me to stick with it. Arknights is better.

  • Pros: Original story without any fanfiction crossover with other Tales Of games and realtime action instead of turn-based fighting. All characters unlocked from the start and gacha only necessary for getting newer Mystic Artes.

    Cons: Weird instagram-like home page, control scheme didn't always work (who thought making Celia a cover-shooter was a good idea?), we'll never get the full story because the game couldn't last half the time that Crestoria had before Bamco pulled the plug.

    Best Girl: Tough contest as most of the women are evil and/or crazy but I'll give it to Yelsy, the genki girl who's more than meets the eye.

  • Pros: Surprisingly large amount of 3D graphics for such a small game. Has an option to grind even when you're logged off. Relatively generous with 10-rolls.

    Cons: Localization is currently very poor so the written English dialogue and instructions might not make sense in some parts, dragging the game down. Game crashes mid-battle sometimes. Power-saving mode doesn't save much power. New "Signature Force" and "Generals" and other mechanics added on to the game that make it even harder to progress after beating the first story Act or play in PvP without specific characters.

  • Pros: it's that good ol' Pokemon-but-with-demons SMT you know and love, and now on your smartphone or tablet! Surprisingly great graphics, decent story, (mostly) lovable cast of quirky characters.

    Cons: your phone battery is going to die if you try and play this without a charger, moreso than the others on this list. Some kinks in the netcode and localized script, what with still being a new game. Not just 1-5* rarities but now you have to worry about certain colors for drawn demons adding a whole new unnecessary dimension to rolls.

    Chance of rolling a 5*: Allegedly 0.5%, even worse if you're hoping for a specific color of 5*

    Free 10-roll frequency: Nope, though being able to recruit demons in the field takes the sting out a little.

    Best Girl: Himika Hinata, because she seems the most chill and laid-back compared to the other girls, who range from "future school shooter" to "super genius who decided to try being an idol for some reason."

    Best Boy: I'll give it to Megakin for now, he seems like a good guy, using his "Megatube" influence for good instead of recruiting impressionable teens for neo-Nazi adjacent groups online.

  • Pros: Original Tales story with new and old Tales characters, voiceovers, and artwork. Streamlined action with an interesting combo system that encourages planning out your turn.

    Cons: Optimization is so piss-poor that the framerate shits itself during actual gameplay. Sometimes it will just completely crash. Loading screens for every single transition. Chat challenge quest is bugged. Awfully stingy with 10-rolls after the first. non-SSR characters don't have a special attack. Passive talents can only be unlocked after rolling the same character 5 extra times.

    Also game is dead.

  • Takes the historical/fictional legends of FGO, the grinding/upgrade system of Blue Archive, and the setting of Digimon Cyber Sleuth, and throws them in a blender, aaaand it doesn't really work for me. If they released with fewer game-crashing bugs I might have more patience. At least the character designs are slightly less embarrassing to show other people (characters actually wear clothes instead of boob-curtains and crotch-plates with nothing else).

  • Pros: Girls with guns, that's kinda cool, I guess? Some story with not-so-subtle Christian themes in the background? AI can say your preferred name in Engrish if you want.

    Cons: Game practically plays itself with minimal input from you. Hope you enjoy grinding. Anime schoolgirls throwing themselves at Sensei (you) at first sight comes off real creepy.

  • Might give it a higher rating if it didn't fucking crash on me half the time.

  • Pros: Really good anime artwork if you're the kind of person who wishes they could literally fuck their gun. The formation actually matters here and can be changed mid-battle instead of praying the RNG lands in your favor.

    Cons: you're going to be doing a lot more waiting than in most of the titles mentioned above, as you have to repair or replace lots of units in-between battles. A lot fewer chances to expand your unit roster if you don't spend actual money. The existence of Nazi-era German gun T-Dolls make things super awkward. No good music or SFX to speak of.

    Chance of rolling a 5*: less than 3%, even if you stumble upon a magic recipe that supposedly gives you the best chance

    Free 10-rolls? None, you build your T-Dolls one at a time and either wait a couple hours or burn an item to skip ahead only to find that you got the same common trash that you got 3 of on the last map.

    Best Girl: very tempted to say IDW, the most catgirl of the T-Dolls, but M1918 BAR has won my heart for being the Team Mom (please don't call her "Ba-san") while gunning down droids with her same-named LMG.

    Best Boy: Kruyger wins by default, being literally the only pictured guy in the game that I've seen despite being an NPC. He co-owns the PMC you work for and plays the triangle at the company party for some reason.

  • Yoko Taro and Square Enix direct this gacha game where every single main character from a child's fable is a fucked up pervert in some way. Once you get past that, there's not much compelling game to play.

  • Literally the Alchemist Code if it was set in the FFBE sub-franchise, but made unnecessarily complicated. There's like 8 different systems the game spits out at you real early on and you're expected to learn them all to get anywhere. There's standard character EXP and seperate Awakening materials, then each character has an ability grid with its own "JP" to let them do more than two special moves. Then there are Espers with their own EXP and ability grid with JP, Vision cards or whatever with their own EXP, weapon/equipment creation with their own EXP but also some of them can't be used properly if the character doesn't have an affinity with that weapon. Then there's 6! elemental affinities to consider plus the Light-Dark duality, and the slash-strike-pierce physical damage triangle which is never really explained! And that's before we get into the atrocious draw rates for UR (5* equivalent) characters and how they're split into 8 different banners, half of which won't activate until you pay real money for them!

    At least the story's interesting.

  • Feels like an oldschool Final Fantasy game in a good way, but the gacha is just for grinding "Arks" which...might be good?

  • I don't know who this game is for...I guess if you really wanted to get into the lore of a universe that exists just as an excuse to watch big-boobed ninjas get raped by demons, but without the hentai part? Otherwise, all that's left is a lame action game.

  • not based off the band Destiny's Child, I am disappointed

  • Pros: very inventive character design and calming music

    Cons: I have no real clue what the story's about, the draw rates are atrocious, the actual gameplay decided to add a giant map that you have to drag all the characters along and if 1-2 get stuck on an obstacle you can't use them in the battle. The enemy spawners that keep appearing to draw out the length of each map and finally made me quit this game.

    Also, the game's officially dead now, so there's no real point.

  • A depressingly-powerful system of risk/reward whereupon "whales" with tons of money to burn spend a bunch of it on a slot machine. The reward is not for an actual thing they could use, but the promise of an intangible anime girl/boy/monster. Not even the actual one, but a *chance* of pulling the one they want. A sign that humanity is going down in flames thanks to unchecked capitalism and, rather than band together to try and put out the flames under some form of democratic socialism, some conniving assholes are trying to monetize the charred ashes under the assumption that they'll be able to ward off the fire if they wave enough money at it.