GsOTY 2019 That I Actually Played

Top 10 (and 3 other) games I played this year from those that were released in 2019. Still need to play the Goose game and a few other Switch titles.

List items

  • Is this game 90% Hideo Kojima's MPreg fanfiction of the movie "The Postman" starring Kevin Costner? Yes. Is the remaining 10% just an excuse for Kojima to hang out with the film celebs he loves while stroking himself to various Western cultural references he read on Wikipedia while making the game? Yes. Is the actual gameplay a series of overly-long fetch quests? Definite yes. And yet, I fucking love this game. It just really clicked with me. Being able to trudge through hostile territory to reconnect America and possibly the Singularity through the actions of one over-glorified mailman carrying a comically-large stack of boxes on his back and a squealing, happy baby on his front. The graphics are amazing and sometimes it is genuinely relaxing to just sit underneath a shelter or on top of a cliff and just look out at the lands beyond. You'll either love this game or hate it, and I love it.

  • The game that I helped kickstart ages ago is finally out! An action RPG with a story that appears loosely based off Hindu/Nepali mythos with a great battle system that takes lessons from fighting games (the developer also worked on Skullgirls). Absolutely love this game even if the roster of characters gets rather unwieldy as the game goes on and the timed hits/blocks can be harder to pull off later in the game.

  • Castlevania with the serial numbers filed off and what appears to be some unfinished sound design, but otherwise I've been enjoying it. A wide variety of weapons and magic that you can absorb from defeated enemies. Also David Hayter makes an appearance as a grumbling samurai. At some point I'll finish this one.

  • Everyone else has beaten all four routes like 20 times over while I never quite finished my first (Blue Lions) run on Hard/Classic. Having said that I do enjoy the graphics, the presentation, the added Gambits, and (most of) the characters.

  • I think I'm a cop. This guy Kim says I'm a cop. I've definitely got the knowledge of cop-like duties and stack of reports that I threw in a dumpster that a cop would write. And yet unlike other games I'm not exactly a well-known or well-liked figure. I appear to be a complete mess of a human being who can't remember anything that happened last night, let alone years back. I have no idea what happened to my badge and my gun. Maybe I threw them in a dumpster, or bartered them for some extra booze? Whatever the case, I have to follow the arrow and the clicking noises. Hopefully I'll figure out what I have to do from there. Maybe I can solve this case, find out who hanged the Hanged Man in the back, and if this Union strike has anything to do with it. Wouldn't mind a little hair of the dog, though.

  • Technically released December of last year but it hit the US this year so I'm counting it. A Yakuza game set in Kiryu's universe but with a PI instead of a Yakuza, and the game lets you know it immediately as the hero controls horribly in combat with a weird perma-damage system that can let bosses knock off your max HP until you see a special doctor or eat a medical kit. Having said that, it's fun being able to play VF5FS, Fighting Vipers, and Puyo Puyo Tetris on top of other Sega arcade games. Also the drone races and detective work adds some flair.

  • Combining elements of PUBG and Overwatch into a game that was real fun to play, plus it added elements that emphasized teamwork even if you didn't have a mic handy. The bullet-sponginess of everyone's shield put me off later on, but otherwise I loved this game, and for a brief shining moment it looked like ApeLeg would knock Fortnite from its perch as Fortnite did to PUBG. While this didn't happen, it did succeed as Fortnite ripped off some of ApeLeg's teamwork features (like map pings and respawn points) in future updates.

  • Fun F2P card battle game that spans several Capcom franchises. Grumble in pain as you realize that you put too many high-MP cards in your deck while the enemy eats away at your Hero's HP. Curse yourself while you ask how the other guy can endlessly play Actions while you're saving up to play a single Unit card. Pump your fist in triumph when one of your units with Flight finally leaps over a defender to deliver the killing blow when you thought you were about to die. That's Teppen, baby!

  • Played a little of it and it's an interesting story about magic ninjas trying to honor the dead and the living while dealing with a Jonestown-style cult and various monsters. The enemies get a little repetitive early on, but otherwise it's a fun little RPG with real-time combat and switching between the worlds of life and death.

  • At least the streets of DC are well-sculpted on the outside, but something disturbing about treating the city like a shooting gallery with levels of gear determining how many bullets a bad guy's can take to the face before going down.

  • Very basic fighting game that relies less on flashy combos and more on timing and positioning. Fun game, but still can't beat that end boss for some reason.

  • A $60 title with a $92 Season Pass and a F2P structure that they forgot to mention until after the pre-orders were shipped without online lobbies that every other fighting game released the past few years has. At least the fighting gameplay itself still holds up.

  • Dishonorable Mention. A vertical slice of what will probably become NMH3 where most of the game can be won just by running around and holding the Y button. The promised collab with indie devs was just having Devolver Digital logos on Travis' shirts that you can't even see in most of the game, and one homage to Hotline Miami at the end where Travis just fanboys over Jacket. Maybe it's time to let the franchise die.