Worst Games of 2011

Because everyone else is coming out with one of these "Best Of" lists, I figured I might as well make my own version of the Worst Games of 2011 (that I have played).

List items

  • Mindjack came out all the way back in January, but it has stood above all others the entire year to claim the crown of the crappiest game of 2011 (that I have played). Nonsensical storyline, the dumbest AI this side of the short bus, guns that barely do any damage, useless robot enemies/allies and multiplayer that's only useful for trolling the ten others who bought this game. Bravo, Mindjack. Bra-fucking-vo.

  • This game should've been free-to-play from the start, with funny hats/clothes to spend money on. That's the only way I could see myself paying to play this overhyped garbage with a parkour system and character progression that turned out to be gimmicks within a mostly boring game.

  • The story designers knew better than to let some fuckshit video game players get in the way of their self-insert fanfiction. Not to mention the various technical glitches. Maybe they got patched. I didn't care to find out. I just hope this storytelling doesn't infect Mass Effect 3 as well.

  • This one I expected to suck from the beginning, as opposed to the others on this list, so it's not my #1. Probably an experiment by Gearbox to see if they really could sell a steaming turd by slapping a "NOSTALGIA" label on it.

  • Hey THQ, thanks for removing the stuff I liked about this game and turning it into a stupid third-person shooter. No, really.

  • I got suckered by the hype into paying for a limited edition of what was essentially a public beta test. I'm never going to live this one down.