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Sadistically punishing, to the point of not being fun 0

I absolutely love the first PixelJunk Shooter. It was an excellent blend of lighthearted shoot-em-up with great music, great puzzles, and an entertaining atmosphere. This sequel is a lot less fun. The new gameplay elements aren't a lot of fun, and that is for one reason, in particular – the game's brutal, punishing, and often unfair difficulty level. This wouldn't be so bad, were it not for another inexcusably bad feature of the game – limited lives. In other words, if you die enough, you no lon...

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Good short-live time waster, priced appropriately 0

Mass Effect: Galaxy does what it should do. It fills in a little bit of back story for two main characters in Mass Effect 2 with a good short-lived time waster. This game won't blow you away with its gameplay and you probably won't want to go through it more than once. It is a solid companion to the Mass Effect series though. What else did you expect for two or three bucks?In Mass Effect: Galaxy, you play as Jacob, an Alliance soldier who is investigating some suspicious alien activity. You meet...

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A mediocre game that was propped up as "the next Braid" 0

Right after Braid, people started looking for "the next Braid". Not having played the majority of indy games out there on Steam or Playstation network, I can't say whether or not that game has been found. I can tell you one thing, however. Despite what you have been told, Limbo is most definitely not it. It is an indy, artsy game with lots of puzzles. That's where the similarities end. The game is a mediocre platformer, with poor gameplay that is disguised by an interesting presentation and a cr...

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A great game that starts off horribly slow 0

Darksiders is generally described as being "derivative, but good". This isn't inaccurate, but it doesn't really do the game justice. Darksiders has a lot going for it. The combination of God of War style combat, character progression, and puzzle-based adventuring give the game a unique feel when you factor them all in. It borrows a lot from other games, but not enough to be a clone of anything else, and it typically only borrows the stuff that works. It takes a while to get going and it doesn't ...

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Masterpiece -- the huge step forward that you want from a sequel 0

The first Assassins' Creed was one of the most ambitious games ever made. The combination of unique settings, open-world exploration, cutting edge technology, and stealth/action gameplay made for an experience that was mind-blowing, at times. At the same time, the game was so rife with copy-and-paste design that, at times, it felt like a glorified tech demo with some elements tacked on so that it could be called a "game". The game received glowing reviews at release, but it is not viewed as favo...

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A quality adventure, held back by archaic design and technology 0

Sales numbers aside, it is my opinion that the Wii has been a disastrously bad console. It has given us an endless supply of garbage, with a handful of good or great games that fit into one of two categories:1. Wonderfully designed games like Super Mario Galaxy that succeed in spite of motion controls and the Wii's crappy technology, and that would have been better on another console.2. Wii SportsIn some respects, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is the last chance for the Wii's motion control...

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Provides a surprising amount of fun and lasting value 0

I wish that we could go back in time and see how the Wii would have turned out if it had more horsepower and if it had started with Motion Plus. It could have been a much better console. Instead, the combination of badly outdated technology and poor controls turned the Wii into little more than a Gamecube with a gimmicky peripheral. Wii Sports Resort and the Motion Plus came out too late in the life cycle for this console, but that shouldn't stop you from picking up this combination. The Motion ...

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Simply the best game this genre has ever seen 0

With games becoming more and more focused on action and accessibility, games like King's Bounty: Armored Princess are increasingly becoming a relic of the past. This is a huge shame, because this is an incredibly fun genre when a game as done right, and this one is the best game that this genre has ever seen. There is variety, depth, challenge – everything that you hope for in a game like this. In addition, Armored Princess fixes the problems that occasionally bogged down the core game that came...

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A sequel that fixes what was broke and what wasn't broke 0

Mass Effect 2 was a game that I very much anticipated playing. The first Mass Effect had such great potential, but it was stymied by horrible combat. Its problems were fixable though, and that is why I was eager to see how this game turned out. To my pleasant surprise, Bioware did a good job of addressing the big problems from Mass Effect. Unfortunately though, they also addressed some nonexistent problems, losing a lot of what was good in the process. Given the current trends in gaming, it prob...

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Good, but wears out its welcome 0

Trine is one of the more interesting applications of physics in gaming to date. With some exceptions, realistic physics has been a mostly cosmetic feature of action-oriented games up until now. Games like Skyrim and Crisis have tons of realistically modeled objects and environments, but the game wouldn't be fundamentally changed without them. In a few cases, such as Half-Life 2, physics has also allowed you to use objects in the environment as weapons or solve puzzles. Trine is one of the few ga...

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A criminally underrated sequel 0

I was somewhat disappointed last year when Infamous 2 came out and was widely met with lukewarm reviews. The first Infamous is my second favorite game on the PS3, and I was very eager to see what would happen next with the story in Infamous 2. The first game had some flaws which were fixable for a sequel. When I heard that the second game wasn't as good as the first, I put off playing it. That was a mistake, because Infamous 2 deserves a lot better than the middling reviews that it received. Thi...

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You certainly haven't played a game like Alan Wake before 0

Alan Wake is one of the most unique AAA titles to arrive on the PC in some time. Unlike most big budget games nowadays, it was clearly made without the usual interference from the twits in the Marketing Department. You know these people – they are the airheads who make sure that every game has regenerating health, two weapons, a cover system, and tons of brown and gray. When making Alan Wake, Remedy designed a totally unique horror experience with lots of great encounters. At the same time, they...

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