Spotlight Game Of The Week: Saints Row The Third

For the first posting of Spotlight Game I have decided to give the "honor" to Saints Row: The Third! I chose this game because of its storyline, free-roam elements, and the co-op. First off, the game has a decently long and intriguing storyline. The game starts off with the Third Street Saints (Which have become a brand name) robbing a bank which is extremely fun for a first mission but that is not where the fun ends. In the second mission.... wait for it....... You jump off of a plane,catch Shaundi in mid-air, fly through the plane's windshield,kill a butt-ton of guys, and catch Shaundi again!!! How exciting! To add to that, you can do it all with a friend! Fight cops, Techies, Luchadores, Goth-looking gangs, and more with your best (or worst) friend! Another great feature is the character customization. There are so many outfits to buy in the game that you can make your character look like anything. If it's a space-pirate, or a stripper, it can happen in Saints Row: The Third! The last element of this game that made me fall in love with it is the free-roam ability. This game allows you to free-roam around the city of Steelport. You can do assasintaions, vehicle thefts and even DDT cops! Also, the game's EXP and level-up system works very efficiently. It runs on "respect points" which you gain for doing missions, killing cops/gang members, and doing side missions. This way, you don't have to do missions to gain "respect." Which adds more reasons to mindlessly kill civillians! Yay!