Minecraft: The Super Sneaky Time Sink

(Warning: This first section was written like 2 weeks ago because thats how long it’s been since I wrote then recorded the thing I mention at the end :P )

So you’ve probably never heard of this game before, but theres this super addictive game you should play called Minecraft. I know, I know, another small indie game that no one’s ever heard of, but guys trust me, this game is awesome and will absorb your life if you aren’t careful.

With the recent release of Minecraft on XBLA, and the sudden influx of time I have due to summer break, I was suddenly reminded that I might as well spend dozens of hours mindlessly building things in minecraft...for PC of course. This sudden realization has caused me to rehost a server for my cousin and I, and has also caused my girlfriend to discover a game that has miraculously rivaled her Sims 3 infatuation. I’m not trying to complain. I mean, I love being able to catch up on the four or five months of Tested podcasts and the last month of Giantbomb casts, I love finally finding a game to play with my girlfriend that we seem to enjoy equally, and I obviously must love building random farms, orchards, mansions, mines, and castles, but I can’t help but get the strangest feeling that I will never be productive again when my days look something like this:

1. Wake up

2. Eat

3. Shower

4. Say to myself “I should do “blank” today”

5. Sit down at my computer

6. Fuck around on the internet for about 10 minutes

7. Say, “Hmmm, why not just a little bit of minecraft? That never hurt anyone. Right?”

and the next thing I know it’s dinner time and my I’m getting shit for not trying to find a minimum wage job that will provide me with a gross income of about $400 dollars over the summer. Damn you minecraft you clever bastard.

Anyway, I haven’t been completely lazy and unproductive so far this summer. I’ve actually finished my first video for a series where I’m basically documenting my own adventure of teaching myself how to program, and hopefully others can follow along or take how I’m learning and use that to help teach themselves as well. The first episode of Learning How To Program is available on youtube, and I’ve also made a blog post here on GB as well as at my own personal blog Dean of Games to go along with that video. I’d love it if you guys subscribed or visited my blog, but if you want to just watch the video and tell me how I could improve I would greatly appreciate that too :).

Enough with the shameless plugging of my shit though. Instead I’m just going to give you guys some pointless pictures of my marvelously underwhelming minecraft creations. I just hope I don’t get sucked into Diablo III when I end up picking that game up...who the fuck am I kidding, OF COURSE I’m going to play the shit out of that game.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5Gallery image 6Gallery image 7Gallery image 8Gallery image 9

Fast forward like 2 weeks and I have played a pretty decent amount of Diablo III, but also a lot of Batman Arkham City, as well as Rock of Ages and Operation Raccoon City for review purposes, and all I have to say is every one of those games is great except for Raccoon City. That shit was utter...shit. Also, maybe I don’t need that summer job considering how you can actually make a decent amount of money from Diablo III real money auction house. In reality though, I’ll probably never get to that point but I can dream can’t I.