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Memory Lane

Memories, who needs them when you got Giant Bomb. The past, present and future, it's all right here, you just need to know where to look.

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  • The richest kid in the world lived right down the block: he owned a C64 with this game and... he had his own TV. Damn brat... Damn fun game. First memory I have of any game.

  • NES version was awesome, the walljumping caused me to take a pair of scissors and let the couch have it. My parents were not amused.

  • Excitebike is a bit of a pleonasm: it's a bike, you're a kid, believe me there will be excitement!

  • Winona Ryder stars.

  • More helicopter mayhem. The amount of stuff you could blow up was incredible. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 uses a slightly modified engine.

  • Here's how to play Dick Tracy on the Mega Drive: get rid of all the damn enemies, and let the fun begin by taking the tommy gun and shoot every light source and break every window on screen. I had a taste for destruction as a kid, you see.

  • The Amiga version is stylistically one of the best games of all time, not to mention an awesome soundtrack and mouthwatering box art. I never got far though as the gameplay was brutal. (No couch was harmed while playing this masterpiece.)

  • One of the very few games I played in an arcade. The arcade machines were later used as the chassis for the F-22 Raptor. Not many people know this.

  • The 1991 Game Gear version kept me busy and fueled by rage for months. The difficulty was great as it provided a real challenge while keeping the trial and errors stages fresh with different ninja's (or Joe was just wearing different colors, I don't remember) each with their own weapons.

  • I've been thinking about using the main menu theme on my phone, just to let it ring a few too many times whenever I'm in a public place while I scan my surroundings for a face that exhumes both recognition and disgust as only those who have uncovered the secret of the shaven Yak can display.

  • I've paid about 28 thousand dollars for this game. That's right: 28... thousand! At least, that's how it felt when you'd spend any money as a kid. Not really worth it as I could barely get past the first level. If someone ever tells you games used to be so much better and more challenging that today's offering, take a pen, use the pen to take out said persons eyeball and start fucking that skull. It's your duty.

  • The Game Gear provided a nice training ground to learn new moves to take out any of my classmates on any platform. Good game.

  • Sonic was like Mario, but for cool kids. Terrific platformer.

  • While Fincher's movie went back to the franchise's roots with only one alien terrorizing Weaver, Acclaim pitted you against a horde of super fast monsters that could crawl ceilings while facehuggers tried to temper their adolescent needs by making some sweet luvin with your head in this 2D sidescroller. The Batman: Arkham Asylum of 1993.

  • Some of the best character animations. Absolutely mesmerizing to watch. Flashback would use the same rotoscoping techniques 4 year later without losing it's charm. Dazzling. Jordan Mechner, you did alright.

  • Whenever there is a conversation about the evolution of video game graphics Star Fox should be mentioned, or even when it's not about graphics, or video games. Just mention Star Fox every so often, chicks will love it. PC games always begged the question: can my current rig handle this game?, while consoles had a their own trick up their sleeves: they shipped games with their own processor chip. Star Fox was fitted with the Super Fx chip and it showed, I remember where I was, with whom, and the temperature of my beverage when I first lay eyes on the 3D polygonal action. Awesome. Slippy Toad became an infamous sex move.

  • Everyone I know played this FPS at the time. There wasn't a whole lot of choice FPS wise back then.

  • You could hit a dude named Gunther of his ride with your weapon of choice while driving at high speeds. He didn't even have to be named Gunther necessarily, any dude that would try to steal pole position would do. The slang use of the word whack ("That's whack!") originated from the Road Rash franchise which also fueled the '93 craze to hit people in the head with various objects.

  • Great tracks including one that had you racing at night.

  • Another great racing title. It had some depth to the gameplay with vehicle damage, nitro, fuel management, all that jazz.