Proudest Achievements

What follows is a list of the achievements that I'm proudest to have contributing to my gamerscore -- calling some of these "fun" is an overstatement.
(Since I can only add a game once, I will only pick one per game.)

List items

  • Transmissionary (20 points) - TYPE: 1 PlayREQ: Answer all calls from Otis.

    The description sounds innocent enough. Just press the button when Otis calls, listen to Otis. What Otis doesn't tell you, is Frank has to hold the radio to his ear for his entire call, while zombies and pyschopaths may be actively trying to bite him. If for some reason (I don't know, you're getting shot at?) you hang up early, he calls you back and calls you rude. And to add difficultly, you more or less have to have a perfect playthrough to hear every call. So, yeah, I was happy when this one popped.

    Honorable mentions: Saint (20 points), Zombie Genocider (20 points)

  • Little Rocket Man (30 points) - Send the garden gnome into space.

    This achievement from Half-Life 2: Episode Two requires you to carry a garden gnome from near the beginning of the game, throughout your journey, to a rocket near the end of the game. This includes driving a car with the gnome, which tended to fly out. It was a creative challenge, and it was a relief to hear that the rocket was a little over weight when launching.

  • Lord of the Strings (50 points) - Finished Guitar Solo Tour on Expert.

    Getting this one requires beating Green Grass and High Tides on Expert guitar. While for some that might not be difficult, but for some reason the end of the second solo really gave me fits. I've only beaten it once, probably because I was so tired of playing the song, once I did it I never wanted to play it again.

  • Platinum Artist (50 points) - Finished the Endless Setlist 2 in World Tour on Expert.

    The Endless Setlist 2 is every song in the game (84 I think?), and lasts a minimum of about 7 hours. The only way I could do the setlist on Expert was with vocals. Needless to say my voice was tired afterward.

    (One day this may be replaced with the Bladder of Steel Award. But probably not.)