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The name is Alexander and I'm a 30 year old guy that have been playing games for well over 25 years by now. During the days I study something that is called Process design in college or the equal of it in Sweden where I live. I'm also a editor in chief of a swedish game site named GAMEcore.se. I have been writing about games since 2001 and have no plan stopping doing that. I also podcast and do video content for the site.

The last thing is that I'm sitting at the board in an organisation that's named Terebi Ge-mu (that's videogames in japanese) wich is a kind of club where console videogamers as myslef meet up weekly to play and socialize. Terebi Ge-mu has since 2003 worked hard to break the stereotype of videogamers being lonely socially innept people. 30 people garhering each tuesday and thursday tells us that we are doing a bang up job.

That's me. I'm a very dedicated gamer deep down in my soul and I love pretty much everything about it.