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Best of 2010

Dogma: Best of 2010

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  • Nothing excited me more this year than Quantic Dreams thriller drama. Intense and engrossing on a very high level.

  • Silent, simple and stunning.

  • Well told story with choices that felt like they meant something. A fantastic world and good battle mechanics makes this one of the years best.

  • Frantic action swallowed by moody darkness and a story that kept you going.

  • This years best racing game! Neon lights, screen distortion and hectic pace in a race to the finishline. A total blur.

  • This is the best character duo from 2010. Kind of simple gameplay but keeps you wanting more despite it.

  • It's Super Mario Galaxy, again. Better, tighter and more polished.

  • A fresh new experience that may need a sequal to really get the party started.

  • Intense thrillride on four wheels. Without a doubt this years most innovative racing game but not enough polished to beat Blur.

  • A fantastic action game from Platinum Games. Looks stunning, tight mechanics but it let's you down when it comes to be truly memorable.