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Sorry for not responding. I gave up on this topic after a couple of days when it got no responses. I should have just posted that steam link. It's what I used to sign in so I thought it would work but nope, sounds like none of you were able to find me until my community thing was posted. I'll update the top post to reflect my actual page.

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I tried to solo but it's just too rough out there. If anyone is up for some PC play hit me up on steam:

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I'm also confused on these Wii games coming to the Wii-U. Have the been up-converted to play on the Wii-U with the gamepad or pro controller? Or will it go to the Wii menu and you'll be forced to play it with the Wiimote and back down at 480p?

I totally want to buy this and have it on my Wii-U menu and play it on a pro controller. But I'm out if I have to go back to the Wii interface.

It looks like the Pro Controller will never work with these Wii digital releases as it will boot your system in Wii Mode. Bummer. Also, 480p max resolution.

Games that support the Classic controller also support the Pro controller.

The only game on the list of planned releases that does support the Classic controller is Sin and Punishment: Star Successor.

That and Punch Out! if I am not mistaken.

So if these games don't even run in 1080p native then what is the point? If I can get a Wii emulator on my PC that spits out higher rez versions of these games then why would I ever get these lower rez ones? Also this leaves them open to double(triple?) dip on an HD rerelease down the line which seems worse.

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Well Battlefront is suppose to drop this fall and BF5 is coming next fall. Its either drop it now or get rid of the game and I doubt EA is just gonna throw this away.

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$60 with a $85-$100 edition with the other 2 "planned" dlc packs. They aren't even planning on going to other planets yet(at least according to the leak) which is a fucking bummer. This game needs more content but not more content in the same locations.

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skyrim on 360. I spent hours playing it only to notice it's barely even a game and that I didn't get to experience the mods that make it worthwhile.

Yup same here, I put about 100 hours into it and I don't even know how. Then I finally got it on PC and was even able to move my saves over. Downloaded a buncha mods and only played for like 5 minutes. I just got the dlc for it so maybe during a dry spell I'll give it another chance but if not then it's just lost to the abyss of my steam library never to be touched again.

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1. Call of Duty - I put about 24+ hours into both COD 4 and W@W and then jumped to MW2. I put about 15+ days worth of time into that then put 16+ days into Blops. I tried again with MW3 but stopped at 500+ hours and quit mid 2012 b/c I couldn't put up with the COD bullshit anymore. Since then I haven't touched online COD, skipped multi for blops 2, ghosts, and aw isn't pulling me in. I think I just put too many hours over a 2 year span and burned out hard on it. I played a tiny bit of that chinese exclusive COD Online which seems to be a greatest hits of MW 1+2 and Blops w/ the look of MW3 and that got me back a little so I ended up buying most of the games on Steam and I'm interested to see over the next couple of months if I can get back into COD but if not, I guess it would be a single player only thing for me from now on.

2. Borderlands 2 - It was my favorite game of 2012, leveled up 5 characters to 50 and got the 6th half way. Steam says I have 369 hours in it and I should have played way less than that. I should have stuck to a couple characters and by the time the dlc and the level cap were raised I never wanted to see or play the game again. I can't even play The Pre-Sequel b/c of just how much it feels like 2. Maybe I'll get back into 2 to hit the new level cap so I can move on to the Pre-Sequel but everytime I tried, I'd play for like an hour or 2 and have to quit since I've seen every little piece of that game.

3. Destiny - I didn't really get into the game until a couple weeks after it came out, but when I started it got me HARD. Started as a Warlock, got to like 25 and then started a Titan after getting a couple pieces of legendary and exotic gear for a Titan. Then did the same for a Hunter. Reached 27 with both the Warlock and Hunter and got my Titan to 28 w/ only raid gear left to get but since my friends list was very small and I didn't feel like going on Destiny LFG to find ppl it became a hassle to do the raid, the weekly, and the nightfall 3 times each week and I got fed up, put the game down to go back to my PC and haven't touched the game since. I even purchased the expansions pass w/ a $10 code I got from Sony so I only paid $25 but when it came out I just didn't give a shit. Seeing as the upcoming expansion is more of the same and the rumored bigger expansion seems to be more of that same just double or triple more of it. It just makes me wish I held out and waited till it dropped since it just feels like wasted time at this point. I dunno if I will get back into it, guess I'll wait till the 2nd expansion and try again but if I can't or there isn't a PC version by that time I'll just be ready to throw Destiny away.

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I know there's no interest in this(on top of bringing a old topic back from the dead) but I found this: Basically a how-to video to get COD Online up and running. Now I'm not done downloading the game so I guess I can update with some impressions when it's finished. Now that its in open beta and its easier to get into, I'd love to hear what Jeff has to say about this seeing as it's the greatest hits of the COD games and he has dabbled with oversees games like PSO 2. Also seeing that COD is dead on PC this could be the shot in the arm that it needs.

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This is gonna sell a lot of copy's isn't it.

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This is what EA did with Sim City but with a better selection of games. I just wonder what happens to the other season pass stuff. The armor stuff sounded lame and the China stuff sounded cool but after Unity idk if I'd trust them to make it be any good. Everything but the China dlc make free and the China stuff a $10 add on with unlockables to the main game.