Most Anticipated Games for 2019

When new games come out each year, I always ask myself one question. Will I actually play this during the year? This list of games below are not in a specific order, but games I am looking to play. As of creating this, the games listed are those I am aware of releasing this year, unless changed otherwise.

List items

  • The remake game from the original in 1998. Interesting enough this game was developed after RE 4. Should be interesting in giving this remake a go to play. I want to see how this remake turns out in 2019.

  • This game is an EA game. I am still salty about some choices they have made overall. Nonetheless, Anthem looks interesting as a new Bioware game. I am not sure about what they are calling "shared world", but the single player aspect should have me intrigued.

  • The third in the series of the games, inspired by the books from the author, Dmitry Glukhovsky. I enjoyed the first and second ones. I want to play more of the series.

  • A new sonic racing game that was originally slated for 2018 got delayed to 2019, what is not to love? Mario will only be on Nintendo, but Sonic Racing is the next best official thing for multiple platforms, hopefully.

  • If this game keeps everything from the first and still adds more, count me in. The blind forest is a fun game and I am interested to see more Ori in 2019.

  • After the hub bub of this game only releasing on Bethesda's Storefront on PC, I am not sure I putting this towards the top of the list. But, I enjoyed the DOOM reboot in 2016. Let us see how this game comes about for release.

  • I am seeing announcements this game is still going to release in 2019, but who knows. I want to play more dying light and it sounds like even more is incorporated in the sequel.

  • I watch the trailer of this game during the Giant Bomb E3 Coverage last year. This game looked interesting. Putting the fact that the game is associated with EA as a company, I would like to check it out.

  • This is the pirate ship game which was one of my favorite parts in AC:Black Flag. I hope there is a single player campaign to this game, but would not be surprised if not.

  • I hope the PC port comes out this year. I know I am eager to see how it shapes up if it gets released.