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16 hour game with the content of a 4 hour game 0

Remember that friend you had and every time you would invite him over he stayed far beyond his welcome, ate your pizza and you always ended up waiting awkwardly for him to get out of your house and leave you alone? Shadow Warrior is that friend. The game's playtime massively outstays it's welcome. After about 4 hours nothing really happens and you learn you are less than 1/3 through the game. The game spends so much time meandering between poorly designed and repetitive enemy encounters. A good ...

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Takes all the right inspiration from the classics 0

The Journey Down exudes style and creativity. The writing rarely missed a beat, Bwana (the player character) in particular had me hooked from the first few minutes with his sunny disposition and corner-cutting attitude. Over it's short 2 hour runtime, it managed to pull of some really great laughs while also hinting at some more serious and emotional story sections. The puzzles are usually straight forward and for the most part pretty easy. There where no puzzles that stood out as great or on t...

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Close to perfection 0

Primordia succeeds in setting up what could have been one of the best adventure games in recent memory, but a few problems hold it back from that status.The game opens quietly, in a barren desert which houses only the remains of a lost civilization. The few characters you meet early in the game all suggest that there is something greater beyond the dunes. When you get there, to the second of two hub levels, that is where the story, characters and gameplay all begin to shine. Small details are bo...

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Small in scope but executed fantastically 0

The closest thing I can relate Shelter to is thatgamecompany's Journey; which Shelter takes clear inspiration from. The minimalist aesthetics and storytelling which Journey has become known for find a new home in Shelter. Notable landmarks on the horizon designate your direction of travel. Although the game is linear in the same way that Journey is linear, you do have a clear end point but the game never forces you towards it and you are entirely at your leisure to explore the world around you, ...

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Breath of fresh air 0

Miasmata is an open world, exploration focused game set on the rich island of Eden. Miasmata takes the trivialities of other games such as navigating, mapping and movement into something full featured, fleshed out, challenging and compelling. IonFX abandons so many of the archetypal gameplay mechanics while successfully implementing an array of perfectly fitting and imaginative new ones.At it's root, Miasmata is a game of navigation. From the start, the entire island is accessible to you and it ...

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A dark descent into the mind of a madman 0

A Machine for Pigs is a spin-off to the 2010 survival horror smash hit The Dark Descent developed by Dear Esther remake developers, The Chinese Room, and published by Frictional Games. It starts off with a familiar premise, you take the roll of a man who has recently suffered from amnesia and is tasked with finding someone. This is where the similarities end. Balancing your sanity and lamp oil, a hallmark of the original has been stripped from AMFP. Hiding from monsters, solving puzzles and expl...

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Shows promise early on, but squanders it in the second scene 0

Indigo Prophecy takes you through one of the dumbest stories ever told. The gameplay is a series of quicktime events presented as two games of simon obtrusively placed in the direct center of the screen, making it difficult to comprehend any of the events going on in the background. You will play simon to accomplish tasks such as mind-reading, or fighting aliens, angels, cops. Characters are flat and boring, and every main character is forced into awkwardly sexual situations at least twice thro...

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