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167703 Airborn - Piño's Journey Game Overview The people on this project have stuck with it for almost a decade, they have switched from UE3 to Unity and they where thinking about moving to UE4. The lead artist did the art for Ori and the Blind Forest, other team members were freelanced out to work on games like Homefront 2, Crysis 3, Halo 4. There is an immense amount of talent and dedication behind this. Most recent info can be found at https://www.facebook.com/airborngame 03/18/15 05:01PM 10 Approved
147005 Luka Character Overview 11/22/14 08:03PM 8 Approved
146075 Joke Ending Concept Overview 11/16/14 01:42AM 2 Approved
146073 Joke Ending Concept Overview 11/16/14 01:11AM 2 Approved
132721 Bayonetta 2 Game Overview 08/29/14 12:32AM 2 Approved
130747 Lovely Planet Game Guide 08/22/14 11:04AM 93 Approved
130743 Lovely Planet Game Guide 08/22/14 10:47AM 5 Approved
130741 Lovely Planet Game Guide 08/22/14 10:41AM 1 Approved
130740 Lovely Planet Game Guide 08/22/14 10:39AM 125 Approved
130711 Lovely Planet Game Guide 08/22/14 09:50AM 1 Approved
130618 Lovely Planet Game Guide 08/22/14 02:20AM 68 Approved
129659 Gang Beasts Game Overview Double Fine just picked up Gangbeasts https://twitter.com/DoubleFine/status/501470696891887616 08/18/14 01:53PM 5 Approved
129253 Blackbay Asylum Game Overview 08/16/14 11:09AM 29 Approved
123986 Late Title Card Concept Overview 07/24/14 12:00PM 3 Approved
123787 Unrest Game Overview 07/23/14 04:24PM 13 Approved
121350 Developed by One Person Concept Overview Intrusion 2 developed by one person with the exeption of music so feel free to edit or reject this. Source: http://youtu.be/1a-m5TD3PZk Banished made by one man dev team. Source: http://www.shiningrocksoftware.com/game/ 07/13/14 08:09AM 4 Approved
121338 Absolute Drift Game Overview It looks pretty cool and will probably come to Steam by the end of the year. 07/13/14 05:55AM 10 Approved
121322 Unrest Game Overview Hey, I made the short blurb a little more accurate and added come concepts based on the demo. Cheers! 07/13/14 02:29AM 30 Approved
115309 Myst Online: Uru Live Game Overview 06/16/14 04:33PM 2 Approved
107963 The Last Tinker: City of Colors Game Overview 05/20/14 08:00PM 43 Approved
104703 Sportsfriends Game Overview Hey, I'm unsure if I should include cameos in the character page so I can change that if need be 05/06/14 06:59PM 54 Approved
101299 Miasmata Game Overview 04/21/14 01:42PM 2 Approved
101298 Betrayer Game Overview 04/21/14 01:41PM 4 Approved
101297 Betrayer Game Overview 04/21/14 01:37PM 267 Approved
101140 Eldritch Game Overview Hey this is my first time doing 'big' edits so I'll probably go back and do some formatting stuff, add some pictures and clean up the writing later but man playing with tables is a drag. 04/20/14 09:52PM 140 Approved
101034 Super House of Dead Ninjas: True Ninja Pack Dlc Overview 04/20/14 12:59PM 7 Approved
100814 Hinterland Studio Inc. Company Overview Added contact email from http://hinterlandgames.com/contact 04/19/14 03:26PM 2 Approved
100812 The Long Dark Game Overview Added dev, similar games locations and concepts based on a recent inverview with PCG http://www.pcgamer.com/2014/04/18/the-long-darks-creative-director-explains-why-it-doesnt-need-zombies/ 04/19/14 03:25PM 20 Approved
100808 Miasmata Game Overview Hey, I added some similar games a short story synopsis, some locations and some concepts! 04/19/14 03:00PM 100 Approved
100804 Betrayer Game Overview 04/19/14 01:52PM 6 Approved
79242 The Wonderful 101 Game Overview added locations and objects from the game 01/05/14 08:35PM 61 Approved
78371 Eldritch Game Overview Added Mac and Linux to platforms and FPS genre as well as similar games. 12/30/13 04:48PM 19 Approved
78369 Eldritch New Release 12/30/13 04:43PM 7 Approved
75646 The Dark Eye Franchise Overview Added Memoria, the direct sequel to Chains of Satinav 12/17/13 07:56AM 4 Approved
64614 The Raven Game Overview This is my first *real* wiki entry, if you have any writing tips or critiques, I'd be happy to receive them. I'm about halfway through the game right now and it's really good so I plan on adding additional info as I play through. Cheers! 10/21/13 08:02PM 65 Approved
64441 Obduction Game Overview Source: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cyaninc/obduction 10/20/13 04:50PM 26 Approved
64233 The Raven Game Releases 10/19/13 03:50PM 15 Approved
64232 The Raven Game Overview 10/19/13 03:47PM 9 Approved
64231 Cyan Worlds, Inc. Company Overview Sources: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyan_Worlds 10/19/13 03:31PM 27 Approved
48898 Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians New Release 08/10/13 12:54PM 7 Approved