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Best of 2009

Don: Best of 2009

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  • The audio work in the game was nearly without flaw. The writing was top-notch. The funny parts were hilarious and the disturbed characters were exceptionally well written and perfectly played by the voice actors. While the Unreal Engine still provided problems, the gameplay was fantastic. The sheer accessibility of the detective work and the freedom of great game controls made me forget how much I dislike 3-D action adventure games with collectibles and back-tracking. Batman Arkham Asylum has set a new standard for 3-D action games and has told one of the best original super-hero stories in game history.

    Though the game pulls no punches, it delivers everything a fan of the dark knight (or games in general) could want from an action experience.

  • This year's updates for the Wrath of the Lich King expansion have provided some derivative, but always exciting gameplay opportunities. Patch 3.3 provided the first instances and raids that are part of the arc to finally confront the Lich King himself.

  • While a limited improvement, the beat-em-up fun gave me a reason to turn my 360 back on this year. The fusions, storyline, and level designs were all super, but some added polish would have ensured this sequel would have been excelsior!