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Quirky Neo Geo games worth playing.

Going to try to stay away from a lot of the more commonly known stuff, if only I knew what it was.

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  • SNK did a fantastic job refining the quick gameplay and quirky power up mechanics with Baseball Stars II, but in terms of being both stupid and incredibly entertaining, I'd pick Super Baseball 2020.

  • My local arcade was just four machines between two double doors leading into a suburban grocery store, and it would get packed in there. High level (And I'd like to think it got high level) Windjammers play would get the manager called over to yell at us quicker than anything. Fantastic two player game.

  • If you need me to tell you League Bowling is awesome, start running through every "Weird Neo games" user list you can find, SNK's odd early style coming out of Osaka is probably best on display here.

  • If you didn't see arcade operators scramble to put in every Street Fighter-like game they could get their hands on in the early 90's, you probably have no relationship to Power Instinct. This makes you a perfect candidate to play Matrimelee, as you will not know what the fuck. I main Poochy.

  • I only saw Neo Drift Out: New Technology in the wild a few times, but when I played Renegade Ops recently it all came flooding back. This doesn't seem like a twitch game where the physics on the ground mater at first, but its a blast to buzz around in when you've got the hang of it.

  • Surprisingly technical, slow-but-accurate horizontal shooter. Released as arcades were both collapsing in North America and booming in Korea, a fantastic example of making pixels and tons of ROM work for you. Great looking game.

  • The best arcade golf game not involving the use of a trackball. Right up there with Mario Golf GBC for best portable golf game ever, I happen to favor it.