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Best of 2010

DorkyMohr: Best of 2010

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  • Mass Effect could be more gameplay rich but the story and characters carried it all the way to the top for me.

  • Despite being frustrating as hell and the developers basically acting like spoiled brats on the internet this was a hell of a game.

  • Arguable as even eligible for my list because I never played it. But as far as time spent and enjoyment received from a game I don't see how I couldn't put it on my list.

  • Flawed but I think they hit their mark on what they were trying to deliver. Was the game that Fahrenheit was trying to be.

  • Extremely enjoyable despite having the same time micromanagement difficulty as the first.

  • I was drunk and played this over a friend's house. It was pretty fun.

  • I'm not sure if this came out before 2010 or hasn't come out yet. Either way I think it pretty much came to a head in 2010 and was a decent time sink.

  • While dedicating myself 100% to getting better at a very competitive multiplayer didn't happen it did have one hell of a campaign that definitely had more variety in missions than any other rts title ever.

  • Was goofy like all telltale stuff but had the right feeling for a Back to the Future title.

  • Moonbase Alpha because I'm sick of big budget titles like Black Ops being rewarded for ending up mediocre. I told you about the moon bro.