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Dorky's Games of the Decade

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  • Number one with a bullet. I read a book on this game.

    Spelunky speaks to a lot about what I think games ultimately are best at in their core: systems that are brilliantly intertwined with themselves and human interaction to make experiences that last the test of time. Like chess was made in Jesus times or something, that's what I'm getting at.

  • + Deltarune.

    Untertale speaks to what I think games can be. Incredibly moving, funny, sad, relatable, shocking, uplifting, self-examining, capable. This pins a lot of hopes and dreams on a single creator but Toby Fox isn't unique. I just think games are that hard and we finally got one that had a piercing determination that cut through.

  • And then comes a game that blends the two endeavors mentioned above brilliantly. I don't think the sums add up to more than Spelunky or Undertale but fuk if this game isn't my jam. Playable panic attack and learning to accept yourself. Splatforming that feels so rewarding.

  • + Bloodborne + Dark Souls 3 & 2 + Demon's Souls (fuk u no one played DeS before 2010)

    "This sounds like a made up game" is what me and Adam would always say when talking about our progress through these games. "Did you get to the knight with the glowing eyes guarding the item?" sounds like what some teens would say on CSI:Miami if the episode centered around videogames. I'm lovin' it though. The obfuscation of it's mechanics and world feel very nostalgic. Most importantly though it challenged 2010's conceptions of what a game "needed to be." Despite the fact that nobody understood what Souls was trying to accomplish in terms of difficulty, games ended up better for it.

  • For what technically came out in 1974, 2010-2019 was the decade of DnD. With the massively popular The Adventure Zone, everyone was starting up DnD groups. And it was helped along with communication platforms like Discord, Twitch and Roll20.

    There's still nothing like collaborative storytelling. Turns out... the real GOTD was the friends we made along the way.

  • This game sucks. I hate it.

  • The actual offerings are a totally mixed bag. The best offerings use wit as their main game mechanic.

  • Nintendo is largely a known quantity. As one Frank Grimes would say "They're in a contest for children!" and yeah they beat the competition's brains out.

    But Nintendo largely plays it safe with many of it's harder edges sanded off. Breath of the Wild was a step into the unknown and it's fascinating to see that Nintendo polish maintained while coming into its own modern day take of the open world game.

  • Skate 3 barely came out in this decade. There's a tactile feeling to this game and a sense of self that is worth revisiting. hashtag skate4

  • 1 + 2 + 3

    It's just cool. It's total wish fulfillment, and it felt like a series that could go anywhere. Tali is my wife now.

  • Legit terror. PT deserves notoriety for how much of a mindfuck it was when it arrived and ensuing fallout surrounding Kojima and Konami.

  • Rip and tear. Doom represents a promise that there isn't just styles of games that will be lost to time. Good ideas last.

  • It's the closest thing to resembling a "sport" in games.

  • I still get excited when new characters get announced.

  • I feel like I needed this game at a time when I was feeling stressed.

  • I hopped around and felt like I found a real connection.