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a E32011 list with the 15 games I am most looking forward to in the future.

i still dont quite know how i feel about this years e3, but it has definitely left me in anticipation of more than a few upcoming titles.

EDIT: revisiting this list in 2015 is kinda wild.

List items

  • my most anticipated fighting game right now. tekken was the first fighting game i ever got into as a kid, and i have recently become totally obsessed with street fighter. this is going to be the king of all crossovers as far as im concerned.

    2015: this game kinda sucked. the gems were over-complicated, and the tag mechanic led to a lot of super defensive play and too many timeouts. i didnt play it a ton.

  • this series never ceases to to impress. this game is one of the main reasons i bought my ps3.

    2015: definitely was a fun game. not quite as good as 2, but still. ive replayed 1 and 2 a couple times, so this is the one im most excited to go through again in the Nathan Drake Collection.

  • i was skeptical for a bit after how dragon age 2 turned out. but since jeff said "it is definitely a mass effect game" im convinced.

    2015: all the stuff with the ending of this game was crazy. i thought they should've cut the last like 20 minutes all together, but i was never down with the fans demanding a new ending or anything like that. probably my least favorite of the 3, but its still a Mass Effect game, so its still very good. The multiplayer was the big suprise in this for me. i played the shit out of that stuff.

  • open world "alien-noir" bounty hunting game? sign me the fuck up.

    2015: well this doesnt exist. what a fucking bummer. hopefully it gets Sleeping Dogs'd and resurrected as something else someday.

  • another game getting less than favorable buzz, but the world that is being presented in the trailers is too appealing for me to miss.

    2015: i dont remember what the "less than favorable buzz" was, but this thing turned out pretty cool. now with the next game on the horizon and the crappy boss fights fixed, maybe itll be the game i revisit in the drought after this years holiday season.

  • do you know the definition of insanity..?

    2015: this was kind of a crazy game. the story was extremely stupid, but it played amazingly well.

  • its been kind of dissapointing to see such a landmark series largely ignored. hopefully this will be the game that brings tomb raider back to the forefront.

    2015: liked this a fair amount. will play the sequel when it comes to PS4, i guess.

  • finally, Io has stopped messing about with kane and lynch and got back to what matters. syringes and piano wire.

    2015: never played this. i think it ended up kinda sucking. Io does it again, i guess.

  • ive heard less than positive things about this game, but i still am looking forward to see how it all shakes out once release day rolls around.

    2015: pretty forgettable, but i remember sort of being into the multiplayer.

  • enjoying call of duty isnt really a popular stance to take these days, but for getting together on xbox live with friends who arent as into games as i am, nothing beats the call of duty franchise.

    2015: solid COD-piece. liked Black Ops 2 better if i recall.

  • this is the game that has made me seriously consider buying a new gaming PC, after being out of that scene for almost 3 years.

    2015: it didnt, i played it on console. it was fun though.

  • few games have suprised me as much as the original Bioshock, and for that reason i am avoiding reading too much coverage on Infinite.

    2015: my GOTY of 2013. simply amazing. cant say enough good things about this game.

  • i really liked the first darkness. enough to beat it at a friends house before even owning an xbox. hopefully the sequel doesnt let me down

    2015: shocked at how much i ended up liking this. the art style was pretty cool, and the story went some weird places.

  • finally ezio can take a break, sit on his old ass, and relax! ...after this final chapter in the assassins creed 2 saga, of course.

    2015: skipped this. who cares?

  • resistance never really did it for me, but this looks like it has a lot of personality. im hopeful

    2015: they fucking sucked all the personality out of this, and i never played it.