Backlog Clearing Attempt

I've found myself with a bit of a backlog, so in an effort to clear that out (and not spend money), I figured I would list out stuff I own and care about and haven't beaten yet.

List items

  • *In progress*

    Finally got around to playing this, after all the cool kids talked about it last year. It's pretty great, but also seems like the kind of thing that could go forever.

  • *In progress*

    I think I'm about halfway through, but I keep getting distracted by other stuff. I should probably knuckle down and finish it.

  • I finished Ys VIII a while ago, but I've still got Ys fever in me. I own this, so I wanna get to it soon.

  • Same deal as Memories of Celceta, although this one is closer to Oath in Felghana than VIII or Celceta.

  • After playing 0 last year, I'm down to continue my adventures in Yakuzaland.

  • I bought this about two years ago, got a decent way into it, but then got stuck and dropped it. I was actually pretty into the story, so I always regretted not finishing it. Maybe I will at some point!

  • I unlocked the dark side of the moon or whatever it is, but never actually did it. I probably should!

  • I bought that trilogy thing that's on the 3DS, but I have yet to play this one. I'll probably get on that at some point.