Games I Would Like to Play at Some Point in the Hopefully-not-too-Distant Future

I'm pretty good at not buying games unless I actually intend on playing them pretty soon after buying them, so I don't really have some giant tangible backlog. I do, however, have a fairly long mental list/ pseudo-backlog of 'Games I want to play at some point.' Hopefully, this list will help me keep track of some of it, and will help me whittle down that list.

Stuff will get removed as I buy and start playing it (them? it? whatever)

List items

  • I tried playing this again last year after falling off of it a few years ago, but fell off it again for whatever reason. I really liked it, so I actually do want to finish it. Then maybe I'll play that second one!

  • I really liked both Nier and Nier: Automata, so I figure I should maybe go back and play this. Maybe Drakengard 3, as well (apparently Drakengard 2 doesn't count, or something?).

  • I played Steins;Gate, so I might as well play this, too!

  • I've played 999 and VLR, so I should probably finish off that Zero Escape trilogy, even though I hear this one isn't so hot.

  • One of those "always meant to play it, just never did" things. Hopefully I'll get around to it!

  • I own this and Ys: Origin, so I figure I'll play one of them at some point.

  • Honestly, I'm not great at platformers, nor are they my absolute favorite genre, but Cuphead's aesthetic is so 10/10 strong I wanna play it just to see it.

  • I'd be down for playing more Fire Emblem, and it seems like people were more positive on this overall than Fates, so hey, why not.