Played in 2019

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  • Spent a good chunk of my winter break completely engrossed by this. An excellently constructed Metroidvania with some Dark Souls sauce on it, on top of some great art and fantastic music. There's maybe nothing super innovative about it, but boy, it's just a good-ass video game. Throw it onto the pile of 'Great 2017 Games.'

  • I’ve made a grave mistake.

  • Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 were some of my favorite games as a kid, but I fell off the series completely after 2. I figured I would go back to 1 and 2 to see how well my memories held up, as well as check out the other games in the series to see where this thing went after I stopped paying attention to it.

    Having finished KH1 as an adult, I can say I find it to be, uh... kinda bad? It has its redeeming qualities, but I found it more frustrating than anything else. If I didn't know for myself that KH2 was way better, I would be far more hesitant about continuing with the series (probably not gonna play Chain of Memories).

  • Continuing the Kingdom Hearts nightmare journey with Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix. I remember much more of KH2 than I do of the first one, so there's more nostalgia going on for me.

    It's impressive how much better some parts of KH2 than the first one: the combat and controls are much better (even if it still is kinda mashy), the Gummi Ship is actually tolerable, and it feels much more fleshed out as an action-RPG than its predecessor. I'm also playing it on the vaunted 'Critical' difficulty, which adds a nice layer of difficulty that means even normal enemies can be a threat (sometimes) and I have a bit of trouble with bosses. The overall "Kingdom Hearts" plot is starting to kinda go off the rails a bit in a way that's sometimes entertaining and sometimes exhausting: I like it when Sora, Donald, and Goofy are yucking it up and being pals, I like it less when dark anime trenchcoat dudes show up and talk nonsense.

    On the other hand, it's a real letdown how I'm having some of the same problems with this one that I did with the first. I think the pacing, level design, and structure of the game are honestly kinda poor, many of the Disney worlds are still retreads of the movie plots and/or have little to do with the overall plot, and a lot of the worlds still feel really small. I have yet to actually beat it, and people talk up the post-game superbosses quite a bit, so I'd like to see those.

    Overall while it definitely holds up better than the first game, I'm feeling quite mixed on KH2 so far, which I wasn't really expecting.

  • Started dipping back into Monster Hunter. That's probably a poor idea.

  • After playing Dusk (and Doom 2016), I figured I should go back and play some original Doom-ass Doom (well, not quite, since I'm using a source port).

  • Finally dipped my toe into the Battle Royale pool, and Apex seems like a pretty good one-of-those. I'm pretty bad at it, though I did win once by getting carried.

  • DMC V seems pretty fantastic.