I met Jeff Gardiner.

So yesterday I received a shock when I found out that Jeff Gardiner from Bethesda would be speaking at my college. A producer on Fallout 3, and lead producer for the DLC. Turns out he is an alum, and was invited to speak by my old playwriting teacher. I didn't get to see him speak, because I was in class, but I did get to meet him in a more relaxed setting in my professors office. He sat around and talked with a bunch of people for a bit. We discussed things like how the media is showing Bobby Codec, and are video games art. Later though I got to talk to him myself, and as someone who wants to be a writer it was a pretty cool thing to do. He told me that most game companies are looking for Screen writing samples. I've been doing playwriting and he told me that would be just as good. I also asked him if he still got very much time to play games. He seemed to answer the same way game journalists do when they say that they really have to pick and choose what games they really get into. Somehow we got into games he had worked on prior to Fallout and the one that stuck out in my mind was the fantastic four movie game for PS2. The only other question I could ask him in that short amount of time was what games had influenced him a great amount. He told me he had a top 5 games prepared for that very question, but he could only remember Final Fantasy 7 at that moment. Overall it was just a cool experience, because that kind of opportunity doesn't come around very often. 
There was also an Alum who works for Vicarious Visions there. He said he worked on Transformers 2: War for Cybertron DS. He told us he got to read an advanced Script for Transformers 2, which is not something I would have wanted to do at all.  
So yeah, a very good experience.