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The Conclusion of the Mass Effect Trilogy 0

Mass Effect 3 is the final game in a critically acclaimed sci-fi series, which means that it has impossibly high expectations to live up to. Bioware had the deck stacked against them from the beginning, but they still managed to produce a mostly great product. It’s a little rough in spots, but the issues can’t stop Mass Effect 3 from being a truly memorable game.The reapers have finally begun their assault on the galaxy and Earth is their central target. It just so happens that Commander Shepard...

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Better Gameplay, Worse Story 0

Final Fantasy 13 wasn’t necessarily well received by fans of the series, but that hasn’t stopped square from making the direct sequel Final Fantasy 13-2. Square listened to what fans had to say about the first game and tried their damndest to give them the game they were asking for. Most of the changes made improve the game, while others don’t make any sense at all, like the addition of the track Crazy Chocobo. Regardless, the end product is a game that’s much more fun to play, even if the story...

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Not an embarassment 0

The name Deus Ex holds a lot of weight with the video game community. It was released in 2000 to critical acclaim. It’s well known for its numerous ways to tackle each situation in the game. The sequel Deus Ex Invisible War didn’t do so hot, so there were no further attempts at prolonging the series. Eleven years later Deus Ex: Human Revolution hit store shelves as a prequel to the original game. Human Revolution had a lot to live up to. While it didn’t necessarily hit the mark it certainly didn...

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The longest case in the series! 0

The original Phoenix Wright games were for Gameboy Advance in Japan. They were eventually ported to Nintendo DS and released across all regions. Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney received an extra case when it was ported to the DS called Rise from the Ashes. This bonus case utilized the additional capabilities of the DS to add a bunch of new gameplay elements. This case was not included with the Wiiware release of the game, but was added later as an optional download.Rise from the Ashes may be one of ...

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Brilliant ending to a trilogy 1

Over the course of the past few years I have come to love the Ace Attorney series. The crazy cast of anime characters and ridiculous occurrences of the franchise are jam packed with charm, giving the series a unique sense of style. Trials and Tribulations made no change in the way the game is played, but somehow it still managed to captivate me just as much as the previous two games in the series. If you didn’t like the previous games in the series then you most certainly won’t like this one eit...

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A middling, but decent adventure 0

The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword is mostly the game that I’d expect it to be. You play as Link the green suited Hero, on his epic quest to save princess Zelda. This isn’t a bad thing; it’s just what has come to be expected from a Zelda game. What sets Skyward Sword apart from the other entries in this series is that it’s the game that finally delivers on the Wii’s promise of good and interesting motion controls. I’ve always thought that swordplay could be done quite well with the Wii’s motion c...

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Ultimate isn't so Ultimate 0

Last February Capcom answered the prayers of their fans and released Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Now it’s nine months later and Capcom has released Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. It’s easy to see why they would push out a new version of the game so fast, but it’s just as easy to think of reasons why they shouldn’t have. The Marvel vs. Capcom series is well known for its over the top action and Ultimate MvC 3 follows in grand fashion.Full screen attacks like this are common in Marvel Vs. Capcom.Ultimate ...

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Bastion Review 0

Bastion is an action RPG developed by the newly formed Supergiant Games. What immediately sets Bastion apart is the fact that the entire game is narrated dynamically. Almost every action you make will be commented on by the smooth voiced narrator known as "The Stranger". The idea of an ever present narrator has the potential to turn sour, but Bastion pulls it off brilliantly. The unique narration, beautiful hand drawn graphics, moving music, interesting story, and fast paced gameplay combine to ...

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A Step in the Right Direction 0

In 1991 Sega’s speedy blue mascot made his debut on the Sega Genesis. He became popular almost immediately spawning numerous sequels and spin-offs. In 2001 Sonic made his transition in 3D as most platforming heroes did. Now we’ve made it to 2011 and Sonic is 20 years old. It’s a common belief within the gaming community that Sonic games haven’t been good for a long time. Some believe that the original 2D games on Sega Genesis were the peak of the hedgehogs career, while others believe it’s Sonic...

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Sucker Punch Delivers More inFamous 0

Cole can now now give melee beat downs.inFamous 2 is very much like the first, but it changes just enough to create a worthwhile experience. You play as Cole MacGrath, an electrically charged super human in a well done open world. inFamous is a brilliant mixture of urban traversal and third person shooting. Cole’s lightning abilities feel very fluid and accurate, while on the other hand the cover mechanics don’t always work as intended. In addition to the third person shooting inFamous 2 puts a ...

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Not quite Final Fantasy 2

Final Fantasy 13 is an excellent game, but due to the long standing Final Fantasy brand it is receiving quite a bit of negative feedback. When I pick up a Final Fantasy game I am expecting a great deal of exploration, a somewhat deep story, deep character development, crazy FMV scenes, and tons of content. Final Fantasy 13 only delivers a few of these things, while leaving others out entirely.  The main gripe I have with this game is the complete lack of exploration. The developers took the term...

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Hit and Miss 0

Well, I was really pumped for Soul Calibur IV to come out. Once it did I went down to the local Hollywood Video, which for the first time ever had a game for rent on launch day. The game was amazing at first, but steadily lost attraction. Maybe it was the fact that I had not played a fighting game this generation yet that made it exciting at first, but in the end I was glad I rented it instead of buying it. Don't get me wrong, I think this is a solid game it just did not do it for me and here's ...

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