My Top Ten Games of 2018

Last year was a great year for things that were unexpected and/or pushed boundaries by doing things other games hadn't done before. This year, most of the games I played were safer bets that didn't stray too far outside the norm. But there were a lot of great sequels and different takes on an older formula that I really enjoyed. There's a lot of good old comfort food on my list, things that just scratched an itch or made me happy for a while.

This year I also delved into some older gems. For example, this was the year I got sucked into WoW and realized that it actually does suck. But I'm still playing it regularly despite that for some reason. Really though, I want to shout out Planescape: Torment as my "Old Game of the Year". It had one of the best stories I've ever seen in a game, and really had the feeling of an epic journey that the player is an active part of. But for this year, lets get into my personal top ten. This was hard to narrow down!

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