Top Ten Switch Ports of 2019

It has been said that 2019 was the year of the switch. Don't ask me who said that. Someone did, I guarantee it. For me, the new Switch games were mostly pretty good. But where the console has truly shined for me this year is with the influx of ports and remasters that allowed me to replay old favorites or try stuff I missed out on the first time. The fact that the Switch is portable meant that I didn't need to "waste" PC/big screen time on older games. So without further ado, here are my picks for the best ports and/or remasters on the Switch released in 2019.

*Author's Note: I played a LOT of remasters/ports this year, more than enough to fill out this list. So rest assured, dear reader, this isn't JUST a list of all the switch ports I played. It's the cream of the crop!

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  • 10.

    Here we have the first Onimusha. It's a game I skipped when it came out because a friend had it and it looked way too hard for my scrub ass self. This remaster is pretty bare bones, and the game is short so I didn't put it higher than 10. But it was a genuinely fun experience that holds up surprisingly well for an early PS2 game. There weren't really any of the annoying design quirks of that era on display here, the whole thing went down smoothly. And it looked great in handheld mode. Would recommend for sure!

  • 9.

    Until this release, I've had my gamer card revoked because I could never progress very far in this game when I had it on PS2. Look, DMC2 sucked but it was a lot easier for a scrub like me than the first game. Finally I've been able to rectify my life mistakes and finish this game thanks to the magic of the Nintendo Switch. This game mostly holds up but there are a few difficulty spikes that frustrated me. DMC3 is still the best in the series and we're getting that next year!

  • 8.

    I came to an odd realization as I progressed through the combat of Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age at 4x the normal speed. This might be my favorite mainline Final Fantasy. I've dabbled in almost every game in the series, not liking most of them. I came to JRPGs pretty late, and most of them just never clicked for me. I love the Lunar games on PS1, and Persona, but the turn based combat of Final Fantasy felt kinda boring to me to be quite honest. XII does away with that and has its own combat system that is pretty easy to break and has a lot of characters acting on their own.

    The way this played out though, I was able to play a complete Final Fantasy story in under 50 hours and with minimal grinding. The story was pretty decent too! So that's why it's on this list.

    *Author's Note: You'll notice DQ11S isn't on this list, yet FF12 is?? See previous disclaimer about not being into traditional turn based combat. I'm sorry, DQ11 S is a great port and a great game. Just not for me.

  • 7.

    AC3 was never a great entry in the Assassin's Creed series. It just wasn't. But it isn't a terrible game, in fact it gets pretty fun after the initial tedium of the first few sequences. With this being the first installment of the core series to hit a handheld system, I've been pretty happy with revisiting it despite the flaws. Conner is actually amusing in his own way, and having a solid open world game on the Switch still feels amazing. I play so many indies and smaller scale games that it becomes a novelty to play a game like this while laying in bed or somewhere away from the TV.

    Looking forward to the Black Flag/Rogue bundle as well. Those are both better games than this to be quite honest.

  • 6.

    It's Resident Evil 4. On a portable system. It owns bones and you bet your bottom dollar I played this for the 17th time this year while sitting on the pooper.

  • 5.

    The same thing I said about large scale open world games on Switch being amazing in the AC3 blurb applies here as well. They were able to fit a massive world and top tier story onto the tiny little switch. It's not the best version, and I haven't made it past the Red Baron quest yet in this playthrough. But it's so nice to have and doesn't feel bad to play at all.

    Any time I feel stressed or want some comfort food I can boot this up and do a few quests, it's great.

  • 4.

    Finally Konami did something right. This is a phenomenal collection of some great early Castlevanias. I've always been more a fan of SOTN and onward games in this series, but it's been fun to revisit some of the ones I missed or never finished. There is a fun book of trivia and interviews, as well as japanese versions of some of the games. It's just a wonderful package and I hope they release the later games in a second collection with the same treatment.

  • 3.

    So I have no excuse for still not finishing this game. I started a playthrough one week when I threw my back out and haven't played since, but this game is great. And being able to play it away from the computer is fantastic. I will get back to it this winter, now that Disco Elysium is under my belt along with some other biggies from this year.

    Recommend this highly, it's got a fun combat system and the writing has been solid. It also runs better than you'd expect.

  • 2.

    This game is largely the reason I'm making this list at all. It isn't a new game, it's just an update of the old game with a new coat of paint. Granted, the original Link's Awakening DX was my favorite Zelda game up to this point. That is still true, but I'm not sure this game was a strict upgrade to that version. It was fun to play through, and the animated cutscenes were gorgeous. The only thing holding it back is the graphics and performance.

    Look, it's a cute art style. I love it, really. But this isn't the Link's Awakening I know and love, that isn't the real Koholint in my mind. But they did a very good job of adding some quality of life features and it was still a blast to run through.

  • 1.

    That's right boys, mondo cool.

    I mean, it's Deadly Premonition on the Switch. I love it. This was my first time playing the whole game. Previously I've only dabbled and watched the Endurance Runs. But actually playing it on the Switch from start to finish, getting all the important side quests done, seeing the whole experience through for myself was a total joy that I wasn't anticipating. It went down so easy for whatever reason, none of the game's design issues bothered me in the slightest. I really don't even know why, it's like someone cast a spell on me the whole time I played it.

    I love this game. York for president. Bring on DP2!