GOTY 2012

List items

  • Well, anyone who knows me well, knows this is not a surprise. I loved the ever living fuck out of Borderlands 1. I spent literal days playing this first game with my friends. We played so much, that we got called 'pro borderlands players' by one of the makers of the game. Now I won't lie, at first it didn't live up to my expectations, but I had ungodly high expectations for this game; and it got as close as possible to reaching those expectations. The combat is still so much damn fun, and kind of perfect for a shooter. The story is actually interesting, and there is moment in the game, that actually really effected me emotionally; can't say this happened in any other game this year. This, combined with interesting characters, amazing gameplay, and the best co-op experiences I've had this year, makes this game my, game of the year for 2012!

  • Man, this was a HARD decision. I love turn based rpg's and this is the best rpg I've played, even better than Chrono Trigger and Lost Odyssey. The combat is what I want from a turn based game; it's just so damn perfect. I spent hundrends of hours playing the first game; I spent even more on this one; getting every single ending I could, beating every optional boss available. Ugh, this game is just so fucking good, even the story is kind of interesting in an anime style sort of way. This game is fucking great, go play it.

  • I'm not sure why I went out and bought the game. I never played a previous xcom game, I wasn't really excited pre-release, but after the game came out, I was hearing such amazing things from about this game from everyone playing it; I decided to go out and buy it. And it turned out to be my surprise of the year. This game is a turn based strategy game. It may not be a normal normal turn based game everyone is used to, but it's a turn based strategy game at heart. The gameplay is simple, but perfect; having a soldier alone on the battlefield, surrounded by multiple hostile aliens and being able to take them all out and more importantly having this soldier be named as one of my personal friends and get this soldier to the end of the game; was one of the most satisfying feelings and accomplishments I've had in a game.

  • I don't like full on stealth games. I can enjoy well made stealth segments in games. And I fucking loved this game. That alone should tell you that Mark of the Ninja is a fantastic game. I mentioned already that I value solid gameplay over anything else. And this game has some of the best gameplay I have played this year. It's just so awesome. There's not much I can say besides, I enjoy stabbing dudes while in the shadows, dragging that dead body to terrify a guard, who will shoot the other guard, and then finally using a spike trap to kill that terrified guard; all while still hiding in the shadows, like a ninja should.

  • Now this is where my list becomes really hard to make. I spent some time trying to decide wehre this game should be, but after some hard thought decision making, I decided to put it as number 5. The reason for this is that the story and gameplay are fantastic, but besides that there isn't all that much to this game. There isn't much variety in the level design, it's just the basic enter level, kill all the dudes, wait for more dudes to respawn and kill them too. Now, killing dudes is a ton of fun when using the darkness powers, it can get a little old near the end. I need to make a special note on the co-op. I had so much fun playing that co-op with my friend John (hp1703 {co-host of the Games Only Podcast}). The actual co-op campaign is dumb and pointless, but playing with a friend is so much damn fun.

  • I love turn based strategy games, I will say it's my favorite genre of games. I also love pokemon, it has been a staple in my gaming history since I started gaming. Now what makes Pokemon Conquest number 6 on this list is the well done gameplay and the unique setting. Combining pokemon with the historical times of feudal Japan was a great design decision. It brought up a uniqueness to the pokemon game series that was greatly needed.

  • Oh, Black Ops 2, how I wanted you to be as amazing as Black Ops 1, but you just couldn't pull it off. Now, this may be my own fault, with my interest in modern first person shooters dwindling, it's easy to see how this game is not in my top 5, even though I spent hundrends of hours playing Black Ops 1 and I'll probably play hundrends of hours in Black Ops 2. I just wish these games would change the formula up in some way. Now they sort of did this with the single player being more interesting, which is great. I loved what they did with the single player. I just wish they did this with the multiplayer. And Treyarch and in extension Infinity Ward are going to need to do this to keep interest in these games up.

  • I was forced to rush through this game a lot faster than I would have originally liked, due to heading back to college. This greatly hampered the enjoyment I got and could have gotten from this game and that's a damn shame. Now, for the game itself; I'm a person that values gameplay over anything else. And this game had some great gameplay mechanics. The combat was fluid, responsive, and most important, fun. Even though the puzzle elements I personally found crummy and uninteresting, and the linear nature of the game were a bummer. The somewhat interesting story focused on the Horseman, Death was a sure plus. But, the crummy gameplay mechanics, only somewhat interesting story, really poorly done level design makes this game my number 8 on this list.

  • As a fan of the old Transformers cartoons and even a fan of the Micheal Bay movies, it's safe to say I enjoy the Transformers series. I thought Transformers: War for Cybertron was a well made game that portrayed the ongoing war between the Autobots and Deceptacons in a fantastic way. The multiplayer was also a fantastic time, for the limited time I played it. All of this, still holds true in the sequel, Fall of Cybertron. The story is more intense and just all around better than the first game. I have to say, the last level is one of the most intense, interesting, and all around epic moments in a game I played this year. Multiplayer is still awesome! This is the only game I played this year, where I could actually work with random people in amazing ways in order to dominate the other team. I hope High Moon Studios continues its great work with the Transformers series in their next game.

  • I played both Prototype 1 and Infamous 1, and I still agree with my claim that Prototype 1 was a better game than inFamous only because it was more fun. The situation holds true for the sequel. The Prototype series is all about mindless destruction, and that's exactly why it's my number 10. The game is just pure fun.