GOTY 2013

List items

  • I played GTA IV for 15 minutes and turned it off, never touching it again. I bought this game to play GTA Online, but since that was not available at launch, I played the single player. I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed it. Even though I hated all the characters in the game, I hated them all in a good way...if that makes any sense. It's been said before, but the amount of detail in this game is amazing; I can't believe Rockstar could pull that off. The single player is great, but the place I had to most fun and the reason it's #1 is GTA ONLINE. Doing those dumb races and parachute mission with my friends was so much fun. I loved helping my friends still jets just so we can blow things up. Or flying my jet behind a friend who is being chases by cops. Or using a helicopter as our escape vehicle after robbing a convenience store. Hell, I think playing golf with them was most fun thing we did all year. The best things videos games can do for me is bring my friends together for a few hours a night and enjoy the company, and with that happening less and less, this game gave me that time I needed.

  • Another game in which I didn't play the previous titles. I also didn't care about this game, up until launch. Then I get hit by the hype bug and bought it. I am so glad I did. The world, the characters, the story, and even the combat was amazing. I loved so much about this game. The only thing I disliked about this game were the dumb ghost fights. I ended up loving the combat a lot, unlike everyone else who played this game. Which is good, because I ended up beating this game 3 times to get all the achievements. Those are hours that I will happily spend again, if it meant that I get to enter this beautiful world for the first time again.

  • There are whales and dolphins 15 minutes into this game, and I love that stuff. That's the only reason I need to have it on my list.

    Oh, I guess captaining my boat and having my crew sing shanties while searching for a fight is pretty cool too.

  • I played the demo for maybe 2 months before I was able to buy it. As a new hockey fan, I enjoy the hell out of this game. It's helped me learn a bit more about the sport, the teams, and even the players. I'm not sure what to say, it's a sports game and it's fun.

  • Holy fucking shit this game is dumb. Dumb is the best way possible. This is one of the only games this year that is all about letting you have fun. And that's what video games should be, having stupid fun, by making glitched out enemies dance to terrible(read:awesome) dubstep.

  • This was my first Fire Emblem game, so I was excited to play a new turn based strategy game. Last year, one of my favorite games was Devil Survivor 2, another turn-based strategy; I had high hopes this would satisfy that itch for me. Well, it's not as good, but man was this game fun. I admit, I didn't have perma-death on, but I didn't want to get stressed and end up losing everyone and having to restart, fuck that shit. It was still fun, but I wish there was a better medium between goddamn easy and buttfuck hard.

  • I never played a Tomb Raider game before. When this came out, people were saying it's was pretty good, so I rented it. This game is pretty good. With a combination of fun combat, good/fun story, and a beautiful looking island and characters, made this game a real treat to play.

  • I wish I had a computer than ran this better. Currently my laptop will run the game, but it's laggy. But, that doesn't fucking matter. The game is still responsive enough that I can, 9/10 times do what I want to, and it's still fun. The constant progression you get and the amount of upgrades there are, means you will be playing this game for so goddamn long. I know I will play it way more once I get a better computer.

  • Like most people, I was really bummed when Insomniac decided to change the art style from that fun and colorful look, to a more realistic one. But, you know what? The game is still fun as hell, with 3 other friends. Using the different special weapons together was a ton of fun. There's not much to say about this game, it's not amazing, but with friends it was probably the most fun I had in co-op this year.

  • This game is funny. I love just doing whatever I can to do the opposite of whatever the Narrator says, just to see how he responds. And I'm always surprised how many responses you can get from him. The amount of different paths you can take in this game is incredible, and I love it for that. It's only ranked here because it will be a game that once I find all those paths, I will never touch again, and that sucks.