Making Sound Work in Princess Maker 2

I recently had a run in with a technical problem that I felt warranted a blog post due to the epic nature of the problem (the definition of "epic" being "cannot be told in a single sitting", so an epic technical problem is one that cannot be solved in a single sitting).

I have an old copy of Princess Maker 2 that I got from somewhere, and I decided to load it up in the DosBox emulator, which is the only way to run my super old games (I also have an ancient CD of Ascendancy around here somewhere that I play about once a year). Anyway, I found that my sound suddenly wasn't working. Normally, I make modified .conf files for loading my games via DosBox quickly, but this time it wasn't loading my sound. I found a guide online for fixing it, but was frustrated because the file wouldn't run in Vista.

Then I had the brilliant idea to run the program using DOSBOX (it's a DOS emulator, and isn't restricted to just video games). That let me edit my settings so that I could finally get my music (in midi form). And so, I am happy. Also, in game.