Real Life and Gaming

Spent some time today doing useful stuff, like requesting letters of recommendation for my grad school application.  Also discovered we had a blueberry bush that was covered with blueberries today; I picked quite a few, and will go back tomorrow with a step stool to get the ones I couldn't reach.

In gaming, I played Mass Effect a little bit again.  I finished it once, and decided to start a new character.  Then I got dreadfully bored with everything I usually do and really wanted something new, so I checked out a number of demos on Steam.  I really like the free demo stuff on Steam, and find myself unexpectedly pleased (and buying) games that I just downloaded because they were free.  Osmos was one game that this happened with, and if Eufloria ever goes on sale (or I get a job) then I might buy it too.

I've not been up to much else lately.  Got a check deposited to my account.  AT&T gave me a refund because I had overpaid (or something like that).  Anyway, it was unexpected money, which is always nice.  The service with AT&T was always pretty good, so unless something changes I will probably get my service with them again the next time I buy phone service.

I've had friends on my mind a bit lately too.  I'm out in the middle of nowhere, and miss having social opportunities.  Eating every day is nice, as well as not living in a cardboard box (which is what happens when you don't find work and can't pay bills).