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Games I have played

I thought I'd make a list of all the games I've ever played.  It seemed like the easiest way to hit a 95 item list.

I must warn you, I'm over 20, and played some old/obscure stuff (some of it -- not all of it).

I can't promise I finished all of them, or even got very far.  I tend to forget the ones that I don't care about, though.

Will be adding more games as I remember and/or play them.

List items

  • I thought Mega Man 3 was a good game, but I liked both 2 and 4 better. I felt like most of what made Mega Man 3 fun was riding on the coattails of Mega Man 2. It's not a bad game; I just liked 4 better. I did think the "Broken Levels" mechanic was awesome, and would be happy to see it again.

  • I actually liked Mega Man 4 better than 3. In some fairness, I also think the Megabuster undermined the fun of the series, because you rarely had a good reason to use special weapons anymore.

  • This was the first one my family actually bought, instead of just renting. I remember Crystal Man being so darned hard back in the day; I still hate his level (mostly just those annoying jumps with the semi-random crystal droppings).

  • I had a fit with it back on the Genesis, and eventually just started entering passwords randomly to see if I could get past the spot I was stuck at (how I'd know I was exactly past it, I don't know). The exploration was fun.

    By the way, AAAAAAGG will take you directly to the final boss.

  • I had fun with it, but it was mostly a lot of "more of the first game", with little compelling about itself.

    I'd have sworn this was on the Genesis, though.

  • Ecco gameplay, made extraordinarily simple.

  • I played Ms Pac Man on one of the Nintendo systems, and for some reason enjoyed it more than Pac Man.

  • The first real RTS I got to play; for the longest time I kept comparing the Tank stats to the Siege tank stats and saying "Why would you ever build that? It's so bad."

    The answer is that siege tanks shoot twice.

    OMG That wurm just ate my last harvester! Those were good old times - except the harvester thing.

  • I remember really liking this game at the time and now I can't tell you much about it.

  • The thing I think the art hits right on the head was something the commentary didn't discuss overtly. By making Kratos wear no armor, instead of lots of armor, he seems much more vulnerable than if he were heavily protected.

    I need to finish this game; I think it's worth finishing.

  • Found it blah

  • I liked 8 best, of the ones on the Playstation. 7 was okay, but I never could get through it a second time. I didn't like 9 all that much.

  • Played briefly on my ex-gf's copy. When we asked her roommate if she'd played, she said "Yes, I've watched that game before".

    I actually stared at the screen thinking "When is something else going to happen" for about a minute during the opening before I realized I'd been given control to walk from one side of the screen to another; then it was back to watching more cutscenes.

  • Played on an emulator, didn't get too far.

  • Not even past the first generation; I keep telling myself I'm going to get around to it.

  • I'd actually recommend this game to anyone with the patience to play through it. It doesn't require grinding like the first two, has a fun story, and generally is good. It doesn't have the super flashy graphics new games do, but I didn't think it looked bad either.

  • I didn't play this until the GameCube; played with my ex-gf. Logged a over 200 hours on one of my characters and probably over 400 total. I load it up once in a blue moon to make another dragon run. (A blue moon is the second full moon in a single month; they are rare because the lunar cycle takes about 29 days, but a month on the solar calendar is about 30 days).

  • My brother has it, playing through it some off and on now.

  • The first time we thought we bought this, we'd actually bought a demo. It was the first game where my younger brother really got ahead of me in a game, and then it wasn't a full game we'd paid for.

    Yes, people sold demos back in the day; they looked just like cheap games.

  • Haven't finished the final boss yet.

  • I'm not-quite done with it.

  • Part way through; college classes got in the way of finishing a lot of these titles, especially my Junior/Senior classes.

  • I hated it.

  • I liked it a lot, especially the control scheme.

  • It was kinda fun, but not as much as the first one. I actually finished this one though; I wasn't constantly getting creeped out by the movies in it. Unfortunately, that made it kinda forgettable too.

  • It was good.

  • It was awesome.

  • I vaguely remember not liking it much.

  • I actually enjoyed this one a lot, mainly for the "build a fighter" part. I never played the stock characters after I made a fighter, except by accident.

  • Two parts fun, one part blah. Haven't finished it, or felt compelled to do so while I have other things to do. Played the Cube version.

  • Saw it for $10. I think it was worth about that much; not great, but not without redeeming qualities. I felt like it controlled too awkwardly to take seriously, but it also kinda flopped for me as a "just random fun" game.

  • It was okay for a while, but I didn't really like the game much. Hated the way the court didn't consider any evidence or testimony to the contrary; does the Mushroom Kingdom really count for that little when, straight off the plane from there, Mario gets arrested and thrown in jail? I must have spent 10 minutes jumping on the guard's heads that were supposed to be making sure I did work cleaning.

  • I hated it. Waste of $7.

  • I was surprised by just how much I actually liked this game. I had low expectations, and it wasn't StarCraft, but it was actually fun, and I think it managed to capture the epic-feel it was going for. I loaded it up a week ago when I saw it in my game box and felt compelled to make some Nazgul.

  • I had fun when I was quite young; I made a bunch of civilized dinosaurs when I was young that ran around killing each other and making me mad (I wanted civilized dinosaurs!).

    Tried it again when I was much older, and was baffled by it.

  • Though this game was fun.

  • This game Rocked on the SNES, but when I got it on the PC I couldn't figure out how to control it.

  • The only fun I had with this game was watching the songs already made in the game. It basically came free with Sim ant, so I got my money's worth.

  • Hated this so much, even though I got it free.

  • "Having learned to use the microwave, he no longer needed to use the fire extinguisher". I liked the story telling aspect of it; unfortunately, once I knew how to play the game, it stopped being fun. It was way more fun when I had no idea what was going on, and my family was excited just to get a couch to sleep on.

  • This game was more fun once I figured out what exactly I liked doing: Making money, buying stuff, and making babies with everyone in town. Who could have guessed I'd enjoy that?

  • It felt like a standard RPG to me. I liked Star Ocean 2 better.

  • Found a translated ROM once, played a little bit.

  • This game was pretty cool, especially at the time. Graphically, it had awful issues, where the art looked so good in some places, which only emphasized how bad the character sprites were. The game was still fun; I especially liked Private Actions, which I felt both allowed more character development, and also put me in control of it so that I never had to sit through cut scenes when all I wanted to do was kill stuff.

    Almost quit half way through the game (between disks 1 and 2 when you-know-what happens), but was glad I didn't.

  • Didn't finish this one; found it not compelling.

  • It seemed fun at the time, and the game has beautiful music. I think the music alone gave it surprising recognition among my non-gamer friends.

  • I really liked this game; I didn't get around to playing it until I was much older, but it was the first game in a long time I couldn't just put down.

    If you have never played Chrono Trigger, make it your mission right now to start it.

  • It was awesome; I asked for it for Christmas with an N64, and actually got it. I never get what I ask for.

  • It was fun, but it just didn't stick with me like Ocarina of Time did. I never went back to play it again either (I guess I did that all too much while playing it the first time).

  • And we're sailing... and we're sailing... what was I even doing in this the last time I played it? Looking for Triforce Shards, which I never did find, and looking was so tedious I think I gave up.

  • Didn't quite finish this, still need to work on it.

  • RTS on the gameboy. What can I say? The Wizards were fun to mess with, and the rest of the gameplay was so basic the limited interface didn't mess with you too much.

  • Played on the Gameboy Color; it was entirely forgetable. I remember it because I got it the same day I got Warlocked; I couldn't decide between them, so I got both.

  • I played Red. Somebody asked me how much time I played, and I said "I don't know". They said "Oh, you can't remember?" and I replied "No, I maxed out the clock at 255 hours and kept going."

  • I played Gold. Didn't enjoy it as much as Red/Blue, but I still have it.

  • The two selling points for this game were getting the hard-to-get pokemon like Eevee and Bulbasaur, and seeing the attacks in 3D. I was a bit bummed out that you didn't see the two actually hit each other; it was more like a high-tech version of the gameboy battles.

    I don't remember if I ever played Stadium II or not.

  • This was a different sort of game, but I thought it was fun. I also enjoy taking pictures, and I felt like the scoring was mostly good.

    It was a game where you just take pictures of pokemon, and you wanted to get them doing something cool if you could. You had limited ability to interact with the pokemon, but you could still make a few thing happen.

  • I actually played the card game; I was the local guy to beat, playing a totally netdecked Haymaker deck.

    The game had balance issues; being aggressive gave you extra cards, while being defensive didn't accomplish a whole lot. In the end, I only found one strategy worth pursuing.

  • I didn't like this edition much. The maps were kinda bad, and many of the characters were not balanced well. Bowser downright sucked, and I wanted to be him.

  • This version was good; I liked just about everyone for one reason or another.

  • I had forgotten about the Turtle Games until they popped up under Smash.

  • This game was almost impossible for me to see on my older brother's spinach green gameboy; I was excited when the Gameboy Color came out because I could actually see the games on that screen.

  • I vaguely remember playing each version of this game; I was surprised there was one on the NES at the time, because it had almost no new releases that I knew of. I don't remember how old I was, but I didn't have a whole lot of info to work with.

  • This game was such a major pain in the ass way back in the day. It doesn't seem quite so bad now.

  • I played the arcade game.

  • This game was fun; I should probably look it up again. I only played it on the Gensis, but I see it's had 13 releases.

  • Been playing this one a bit lately (as of June 2010). Free to play, and it's a lot better than when I tried a free trial of it so very painfully long ago.

  • At first, I did not like the dramatic shift that Beyond the Sword added to Civ IV. As of now, I'm mostly just trying to figure out how to change the music back to the original game's soundtrack, lol.

    I disliked most how this expansion significantly changed already existing content within the game; it reduced the usefulness of the barracks, it shuffled a lot of abilities around. For example, the "Build all the wonders in the world" guy changed from Ghandi to the new and more historically correct Ramses II, famous for all the insane monuments he built; Ghandi became Spiritual and Philosophical, which I concede works better for him. I just would have preferred the makers get the "historically accurate" part right from the start, and not shuffle abilities around later.

  • I have a "Dread Lords" version in a jewel case; I don't know if it's exactly this game or not.

    It was cute and kinda fun, but I'm having trouble getting into it. It's got a lot of opaque gameplay to it, which can be hard to chew through with so many other easier titles to pick up in the world.

  • This was what I got that came packaged with the Genesis. I found it quite fun.

  • I played it separately once, and then together with "Sonic and Knuckles".

    The pair of games I'd rate as one of the best on the Genesis, because unless we kid ourselves they really are just one big game, even if you did buy it in parts.

  • This game was a bit of a marketing scheme, using "LOCK ON TECHNOLOGY" to make people think it was more advanced than it really was. Maybe the game's goal was just to make a really big Sonic game that couldn't fit into just one cartridge. It worked on my younger brother, who was five at the time.

  • I recall thinking this game was bad at the time.