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I'm back after what seems like a lifetime :P

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I made an audio drama!

What did you do during lockdown?

Well for me I created a martial arts audio drama which you can listen to here:

It's the story of a retired professional fighter and a ruthless corporation who will stop at nothing to force him to enter a tournament. Along the way his endurance and morality will be pushed to their limits as he battles the different members of this group.

The project came about because I wanted to make an actual martial arts movie but covid hit and it became impossible. However I asked some of my friends if they would record voice lines and several weeks later the project was completed. I still intend to make a visual version but for now I'm hoping people will enjoy this audio version.

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No Man's Sky: Worth it?

So I recently saw that the game had an update called NEXT that seemed to add quite a bit and fix a few things. I never got the game when it first came out and I was wondering if it's worth a go? I'm not really expecting Mass Effect or anything like that, I was guessing it would be Minecraft in space?

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Ask me Anything!

I dabbled a little with this before but I wondered what questions (if any) would you ask me if you could ask anything at all? I'll be taking all of the questions and answering them in a video on Monday.

This could be really fun so ask me anything you like!

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E3 2018 Round Up

So there's a bit of a story behind this video...

I made the video a while back but Bandai Namco had a wobbly and copyright claimed it because it had footage of the official Soul Calibur VI trailer. I took it down and re uploaded it without the footage and hope this appeases them. Overall I liked this years E3 I thought most of the companies tried hard with what they had.

There were lots of highlights for sure including Ghost of Tsushima, FOTNS western release (cheers Sega) and a Gears 5 announcement

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Maxi Revealed! (I'm happy)

So Maxi was revealed in Soul Calibur VI a last week but I've only found out about it now! Honestly I seem to miss all the juicy gaming news :(

Made a reaction video of course as he's my favourite SC character and one of my fav fighting game characters

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UK Games Expo 2018 (I was there and it was awesome)

Over the weekend I was enjoying the delights of the 2018 UK Games Expo where board/tabletop game connoisseurs come together to share a common love.

The love of board gaming of course

You can find the videos I took over at my youtube channel HERE

There really were some great games on display including the Big Trouble in Little China game which was strange because I'd only asked if this was a thing the day before! There was a game called Too Many Bones which was one of the highest quality board games I've even seen/played, all the pieces had real weight to them and all cards had a plastic covering to avoid damage over time.

All the pictures from the event can be found at my official facebook fanpage HERE

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Atari VCS can run Minecraft?

So a video was released from Atari bigging up their new VCS console (although they don't refer to it as a console) it contained interviews and footage of the new machine up and running. Now I know some of this is just promo material but there were a few things that really raised my eyebrow such as voice recognition, so I decided to make a video analysing all these new features

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It's been too long...

Well I'm back after a 6 year hiatus and getting used to the many changes on the site. I wonder how many of you remember me? It will be great catching up with you all again and I hope life has been treating you well.

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I want to be a community manager

When people ask me "what is your ideal job" a few pop into my head. Games designer, astronaut, games designer but the one that stands out for me the most is community manager. I would love that job so much interacting with the gaming community, playing games before they get released, meeting all the hot gaming chicks and telling them of my stories as a level 59 berserk master on some RPG

It's the kind of job that you dream of but seldom ever get the chance to apply for, and when an opportunity does arise you would grab it with both hands feet and anything else that comes to mind.

Is anyone looking for a community manager at the moment?

I have my own hair

I don't take up too much space

I'm compact

I'm flexible (well I can get my left leg over my head)

Signed The Dragon with the ps


I'm a Youtube Star...Kinda

Me and a friend have been filming several comedy's for youtube over the past few months. Currently my friend has two video's uploaded and this one has me in it.

See if you can guess which one is me

Please leave your feedback and tell me what you think good or bad   

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