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First, let me say that I HATED playing as Silver... but I like Silver as a character.
Anyway, I too fell into the hype about a third hedgehog. I was just thinking that I'd get to speed my way through robots as Silver. However, I found out that he has no speed whatsoever. I hear a lot of people call him a scrappy, an unlikeable new character who is found annoying, though I blame that on the voice actor who happened to voice one of the Donatellos in Turtles Forever. However, this is me defending Silver, stating why I personally feel that he shouldn't be hated and should be put into a new game... but with better gameplay of course. I feel that even the most unlikeable character in terms of personality can be fun to play as long as the gameplay as him is fun. To be honest, take a look at each character we meet... Knuckles is always "I'm stronger than Sonic"... when Shadow came, he went "I am the Ultimate Lifeform, I'll prove it to you Sonic..." Metal Sonic is fixated on being better than Sonic... Jet the Hawk is just pure "I'm faster than Sonic". Silver, however, isn't fixated on proving he's better than Sonic. Rather, the only he crossed Sonic is because he got in his way or thought Sonic was his enemy. He isn't out to prove he's the fastest or the strongest, he's trying to save the world but mistakes Sonic as his enemy. Sure, like I said, PLAYING as him sucked, but aside from his voice there was nothing wrong with him personality wise. The only problem with him was the voice and gameplay... while the gameplay is important to gamers, but he was written as a heroic character and, had he had similar abilities to Sonic and Shadow 2006, along with fewer glitches, he probably wouldn't be as hated in my opinion.
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I honestly don't see the whole "sexist" thing. I know people are pissed at how Samus is presented, but... how did they think she was? 
She lost her parents at age 3, right in front of her. Their killer keeps coming back to life. She lost her foster parents. Her surrogate father is a douche (in my opinion). You were expecting a flawless character. Yes, she isn't that interesting but she's still interesting as far as character and background is concerned. She's still serious, unsubtle when facing injustice, badass and yet we're seeing a side we don't see, her more human side. The moment they try to flesh out a female, it's always "SEXIST!" 
Let me point this out for all of you feminists and such... SAMUS ISN'T SEXIST. A woman written by Frank Miller in his post-Sin City days... crazy for men, thinks about her looks and men, purposely looks good for attracting men both reader and in story characters... THAT'S sexist. Samus is... obviously designed to allure male gamers but her personality isn't gaga for guys. What is sexist about her?  
She takes orders from a man? Yeah, because he's a commander.  
She's mistreated and looked down on despite her goals? It's because she's a bounty hunter and a former soldier, not because she's a woman. 
She talks on and on about Adam? She doesn't want him to bone her! She wants his respect again because he practically raised her in the Federation!!! 
As I said to KWing, her interestingness is like a movie you've been waiting to see. It's good but not as good as you'd expect. 
As I've read, she's like a female Batman. She's serious and desires to see wrongs undone... but is lonely and saddened with all of her friends and loved ones dying around her. So to me, this game didn't mess up Samus in anyway... nothing sexist about it. 
PS My opinion... but... Spoony should go to hell for his "review" of this game... then again I already want him dead for his "Revenge of the Fallen" review.

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I disagree on numerous things... like how I actually felt Unleashed was the right step, my only gripe, aside from the Werehog, was the lack of the spin dash. In fact, here are my disagreements with you, please don't take offense. 
1. Super form battles at the end always felt epic, so having them at the final story makes for that epic battle every story should have, no matter how lame or impossible to suspend disbelief it is. 
2. Amy, Knuckles, Shadow, Silver and others are added in for fans to have moer characters to like and I like the idea of more than one hedgehog. 
3. This, I think, will give me numerous hate messages, but I have to say it... 
SATAM is overrated. 
I never saw it as a kid, I didn't even know it existed until before 4kids came along and ruined the voice acting... it just doesn't impress me that much. I'll take Amy, Shadow, Silver and even Big the Cat over Sally, Bunnie, Antoine, and that walrus guy who shouldn't even be IN a forest. 
This is what I feel the games need. 
1. BETTER voice actors... Ryan Drummond, the actor who played Sonic prior to Shadow the Hedgehog, is still my favorite of them all. Jaleel's... sounded a little more annoying. Shadow sounds like he has a sore throat and a cold... Knuckles sounds nothing like a tough guy... Rouge sounds like an old woman... so forth. I'd say either rehire the old cast OR hire new, more credible voice actors. To be fair, I have NOTHING against 4kids... other than their anime dubs. I actually grew up with the 2003 incarnation of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the only thing where they actually try rather than simply read their lines. I thought Jason Griffith did a good job as Leonardo Prime in Turtles Forever... yet when he did that same voice for Shadow... it's like it gained balls for Leonardo Prime but lost them when it was back with Shadow.
2. Gameplay like the day stages from Unleashed, only without the boosting in mid air and the spin dash. I liked boosting, but I still prefer the spin dash. 
3. If we need a plot, be simple but at least make it important. Shadow the Hedgehog didn't exactly have the writings of Greg Weisman, but at least it continues the story from where SA 2 left off...
4. If we need to have someone other than Sonic to play as, have similar gameplay to Sonic. I liked Knuckles treasure finding, but HATED the Big stages... Shadow's stages were similar to Sonic's and thats what I was hoping to see in Sonic 2006, but Shadow's controls were too different as he STILL rides those dumb vehicles and can't spin. Silver was the slowest, playing a slow hedgehog is like playing as a plumber who can't use power ups. 
So, I am not saying YOUR OPINIONS SUCK just what I think, even though some might not agree.