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Politics, wars, orphans. Is this game as light as the older ones? 1

FF XII is a much more mature game than the previous FF games. FFs from X-2 below, all centered in simple plot lines, with a few plot changes, or the common "Hidden Evil" that has been the center of 90% of FFs. FF XII takes the thing to another level, it has a story that its more like a critic to human beings, those who did the Fafnir Hunt may have realized this. I understood this from the beginning of the game. I realized that there was not going to be much character development, since here, the...

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D-Day has come, but the enemy has changed 0

Resistance is a game made by Insomniac, a developer best knowned for its high rating series Ratchet and Clank. The game started with a simple idea, make a WWII game but change the story a bit. This derived in a new game, situated in the 50s in a world that instead of having Hittler as the main enemy, has a monster like race, called Chimeras. At first, Chimeras appeared in Russia, then, they expanded, they conquered Europe in a matter of months and were starting to invade Britain when the US gov...

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The End Begins! 0

God of War 2 is the sequel to 2005 PS2 excelent adventure title God of War. Set a couple of years after the end of the original game, God of War 2 starts during the siege of the city of Rhodes, home of the wonder, the Colossus of Rhodes. Kratos sent his Spartan warriors to destroy this city, but after a while, he decided to lend them a hand. So Kratos, descended from his throne in Olympus and started destroying what was left of Rhodes. But Zeus and Athena, afraid of his ambition, tried to stopp...

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