Best of 2010

Draugen: Best of 2010

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  • 260 hours of play time, according to Steam. Says it all.

  • A sharp whistle from you, and your crack squad of trained assassins leap out of the nearest haystack to murder your enemies. Greatest game mechanic of the year?

  • Epic adventure, with one of the strongest endings in any game ever. Marston's story is a journey worth taking.

  • Giant, epic, engaging and wonderfully broken in every way. Who knew a nuclear wasteland would be so hard to walk away from?

  • The only game on this list that I will still be playing the week before its sequel launches.

  • The moodiest, scariest most wonderful little game ever.

  • Flawed and linear, but still impossibly alluring.

  • Another year, another FM. Still ace after all these years.

  • A game that never ever should work, but it so much fun when you surrender to it. You can never have enough crazy.

  • Strong multiplayer makes up for a mediocre single player. LArge scale online battles, the way only DICE know how.