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Top 20 games for the PC in 2017

Hey there everyone! Heres my top 20 GOTY list for this year that is PC centric! Why 20 instead of 10, you may ask? Because this year was amazing and only doing a mere top 10 really feels like doing injustice to all those really brilliant video games I've played throughout the entire year!

Anyway, to avoid confusion, here are some rules I've set myself before doing this list:

  • No games solely available for consoles.
  • Only games available for the PC.
  • Early Access doesn't count, it only counts if the game was released "fully" during this year.
  • No multiplayer-only games.

Last but not least: English isn't my native language, so please keep this in mind before laughing at my terrible writing! I will fix typing errors and add in some further elaboration on some games, as time goes by if I feel that I lacked any sort of explaination for any of the games, so constructive criticism is always much appreciated.

And regarding all the video games listed here, even the ones in the lower places I can safely say that they're all good video games and worth checking out, at least if you find the time to do so.

Now, onwards to the list! I hope you enjoy.

EDIT 12/30/2017: Suprisingly for me, Nier: Automata became one of the most favorised GOTY contenders by the staff and its userbase so I elaborated on my own thoughts a little on why I'm not riding the bandwagon so to speak.

List items

  • Rank 20:

    This list already starts off very strong, considering that Tooth and Tail plays just as awesome as it looks. First things first, the four factions do play similarly but due to the way units are tiered in their sizes while having slightly different traits they also always feel differently, which makes sense because they primarily designed this game to be a Multiplayer focused experience. For those however who don't like that sort of thing they created a campaign mode that explains the games story in detail.

    Tooth and Tails campaign also reminds me a lot about the campaign of another Real Time Strategy game called War Wind in terms of the 4 factions and how they're at war with each other politically and even in parts spiritually. It also wouldn't be wrong to compare this game directly with another old game called Z not only in terms of general esthetics but also as another example where quick reflexes and knowledge about unit stats were matter more than just mere resource management. These two older games are some of my favorite Real Time Strategy games and Tooth and Tail provided me with some of both and thats great.

    This game is clearly made for fans of the quick type of strategy games, kinda the sort of group who enjoy the test of reflexes of a multiplayer Starcraft match but without the whole micromanagement thing and the game clearly caters to that competitive crowd, too.

    Besides all of that, the soundtrack is made by Austin Wintory, a very talented composer that you probably already know from games such as Journey and here hes just as great. The soundtrack perfectly fits the themes of the game, which are most primarily politically clashes.

    I felt like that the game could've benefit from a Skirmish mode but the Singleplayer story mode was actually engaging enough to keep playing, even though thats one of the games secondary appeals. It felt short and I kept longing for more from the fascinating world Poketwatch created here. Too bad they didn't fully go in on the Singleplayer crowd.

    And did I tell you that the game has a cute squirrel in it that gave away her arm so others could have some food? So the award for the sweetest video game chracter goes to...!

  • Rank 19:

    Some people may call it a Superhero or Powerfantasy game but I call it a game with a actually great and sincere message. You're playing as a godlike being trying to fight off a alien invasion on Earth. As you're invincible, it is almost impossible to die. But instead of your own health, you have to protect the health of the people you're protecting. Should a certainly amount of Humans die, you have to restart from a checkpoint. With power comes great responsiblity after all. I sometimes feel that the health meter is a little bit too restrictive but after all, blowing up cities by accident sure ain't nice for everyone involved, hehe!

    This game has certainly the best technology behind any game released for this GOTY list except perhaps two other examples and whats even more amazing is that the whole thing was created by just one person, apart from the game models and the music.

    Besides the actual game, the sole creator put in a procedually generated UNIVERSE for the player to travel around in for no other reason but because he can. From a technical standpoint this has been mindblowing to me. Its just there to look at it and find pretty, fly around and marvel at what is there, space can be a canvas for you to fill with your imagination or to feel inspired by its tranquility. With this said, I do life the calm moments when you're picking your next mission.

    Whats interesting is that the music is programmed in a way that it goes hand to hand with the action happening in the game, it is not just a track that loops. So in this way, this is also the game with the best use of music.

    Its unfortunate that the game after its 5 years of cooking inside the furnace isn't all as great as it could've been. The amazing games premise is held back by linear missions that you always progress in the same vain. Personally I enjoyed the amazing music and the upbeat message this game is trying to tell the player. Its all in all a fun game to play even without a sandbox mode that totally should exist for this type of game.

    Perhaps one last note, this game is, for the most part, intended to play in VR and its of no suprise that probably the best VR game that came out in 2017 so be sure to check it out at some point.

  • Rank 18:

    Released out of Early Access this year, a small suprise hit for me! A game I can certainly never complete as I usually don't like this sort of genre but sometimes games with permadeath still suprise me in a very positive way and Caveblazers is such a game. A game more akin to mid 90s side scrollers than Spelunky, it takes the Roguelike formulas and creates a demandingly unique actiongame that can stand on its own feet.

    The graphics and Audio are pretty unremarkable, but this game primarily earns sympathy points for its gameplay, which are really great for if you happen to only pick up and play certain games every now and then.

    At any case, I've bought it for only a few bucks and if a "Spelunky but with more action oriented gameplay" is your thing, definitely check this one out!

  • Rank 17:

    A lot of people know Asura as being the father who punched God to free his daughter but in this game hes a gruffy red dude that also likes punching Demons. This game, just like Caveblazers before, is another Roguelike, which means that it has Permadeath and all that stuff people enjoy from games like that. But behind its coating theres a whole lot of Diablo type of Hack and Slash gameplay that I personally really like such as finding different types of weapons, armors, consumables, rings, well you name it! I think its reasonable to explain the game to others by saying "This game is the baby if Torchlight 1 and Brut@l would make out".

    By the way, Brut@l also came out for PC and I'm kinda sad that it didn't make it on the list. Its still a good game, pick it up if you ever played a ASCII roguelike game in your life and want a Diablo like game! I at least feel better now by telling people to pick up Brut@l, hehe.

    On another note it kinda feels odd to have two Roguelikes (Caveblazers and this one) so close together, but this is how things just worked out.

  • Rank 16:

    Not a roguelike this time, heres a game that is very near and dear to my heart, yet completly underappreciated by just about anyone! Baked in over 4 years in the great video game cooking ovens, this game is ALMOST as good as the first Space Pirates And Zombies! Unfortunatly, its not that amazing compared to the first game as I feel that the Mount and Blade formula of "working yourself up to the top" doesn't work as well in this game as it should've been. The gameplay Space Pirates And Zombies 2 feels way too predictable for that sort of thing. The game leaves no room to do different things, it all feels like vanilla Mount and Blade and I've been longing for more ever since.

    Regardless of the shortcomings the game is still super fun. Flying around in your Mothership feels great, its one of those games were feeling floaty actually feels right. It really feels like you're controlling a heavy starship rather than a weapons platform that controlls like a fighter. And regardless on how simple the game is, progression does feel super fluent and is a major part why Space Pirates And Zombies 2 is placed so highly on this list.

  • Rank 15:

    I dunno, it feels kinda weird to have another space game right after the only other, but this time we have a space related game AND a Roguelike so there is something for everyone here, isn't this nice?

    At any case, Cryptark is a very special game, its from the guys you bought you games such as Capsized and the excellent Apotheon. In this game, you're a worker in a company who is destined to salvage large hulks of starships for another conglomate that is run by Aliens. The profits you gain can be used to purchase stuff, while failing the mission places you in debt. Failing to repay it ends the game.

    So I've thought quite a long time on how to explain this games appeal to others, theres a ton of Roguelikes coming out by this year alone. I think pulling from DARK SOULS LAW is the best way to describe that. The game basically is that part of Dark Souls where you have to watch each corner or else the Skelleton kicks you off the cliff! If you enjoy these sort of suprises and are willing to tackle them, this might be the game of the year. Its fun, its challenging and losing isn't that bad. Gameplay sessions are also short. Its a good game to play for 20 minutes and then do something else.

    Anyway, its the most fun Roguelike game I've played this year for sure. No more roguelikes on this list, sorry!

  • Rank 14:

    Another hidden gem and a super unknown one at that. Its a Real-Time Strategy game about managing and controlling your army full of ANIME. Thats right folks, this game is so dang anime that a lot of people probably just don't really care much about it, but hear me out!

    The game sets itself of from almost any other game from the list however by having a stellar soundtrack, which you can listen too from the files provided with the game. They really are something else. The graphics looks nice and simple, chracters are all drawn by the same artist and look great, especially on how they're colored. The chracters look like modernized versions of Record of Lodoss War artstyle.

    Quite a big part of the game plays on a strategic turn based environment, showing the entire continent. You send units from one point to another, gathering them for assults or defenses and upgrading them. When an army clashes with another, the player is put in an real time environment. Its kinda like a very simplistic Total War game but every unit can have different types of weapons and skills. There are also story parts, which as as anime as you can imagine, sometimes the writing is alright but sometimes its a little bit too silly.

    At any case, this game pretty much sets the fact that a unknown game doesn't mean being a terrible at all. Its actually really amazing in a lot of ways. With this said however there are a few major problems, clunky controls you have to get accostumed to and on the technical side this game has some minor issues production wise. It all looks a bit cheap but this game is priced the 1/20th of an AAA title anyway so thats alright!

    So if you've ever enjoyed anime akin to Record of Lodoss War or the space battles in Legend of the Galactic Heroes, with the different admirals and how they interact with each other, this game is a sure must-buy. And this game is available for realy cheap so even buying it and not surefire loving it still doesn't hurt you as bad. Be sure to check it out.

  • Rank 13:

    What makes this game one of my favorites is that Rusted Warfare is the first real Total Annihilation-like since Planetary Annilation, or even Supreme Commander. And if you know what Total Annihilation is you may already know that its really good.

    The graphics are simple, but they do get the job done. The music is from stock sites and whats way worse is that the three tracks get annoying super fast. So why exactly is this one so good?

    Personally its the scope and scale, you can basically fill the entire map with units and have a map sized war between you and your opponent. In generalized terms its the responsive controls and that every unit serves a purpose, like what every RTS should do. So its great gameplay and huge wars, stuff that everyone who loves Real Time Strategy games like also!

    Because the gameplay is where everything just is right. Units are unique to their roles and theres a ton of different unit types, too. Beside all of this, the game is fully modable, with what is probably the easiest modding system in existence. Its really easy to create your own maps and units. You can also put your own music inside the game so it plays them, so you have have to listen to all the three tracks all the time.

    So if you're into one of the people who still love Total Annilation and you can stand the simple graphics, the generic sounds and aweful vanilla music, this will simply become your game of the year right there. And for this price even the negative aspects I've mentioned previous don't devalue the dozends of hours I have fun with it.

  • Rank 12:

    This game is actually really amazing and I picked it up because I bought it for 5 bones. Then I looked at the clock and saw that I've already spent 4 hours on the game. And then another 3. And then another one, but I had to stop because I almost felt asleep, hehe. Time certainly flies with playing Domina!

    So what is Domina all about? You're a Female head of your own Gladiator caste, which are crimals and slaves destined to die for fun and games for a large amount of people. So you manage your men, train them and watch them fight and die. And let me tell you that dying is a major part of the game, the gladiator business was a dirty subject for everyone involved after all. So you have to always have to expect and even anticipate your Gladiators to die in one point or the other. Even just during training events can happen where your gladiator which you already picked for your next round gets injured so picking him with low health might be a bad idea. Primarily you try to make the right decisions for your poor souls but most primarily for you and your own survival.

    Fights do play themselves but if you want to, you can also control your own gladiators. The game looks kinda like your typical pixel art game. You see the Arena and anything else from a sort of Birds-eye view. Controlling kinda feels like your typical modern action adventure game, but in 2D. You can walk, swing your sword and raise your shield with a press of a button. You can also unlock dodge-rolling and even attacking while doing so.

    Beside this, since you're a woman and its a Roman themed game so things already aren't much in favor and people in the game are all privileged assholes, including in parts even yourself. The game surely does go its round to give the player the feel that you're in the lowliest place in any business ever and that everyone is expendable but thats Roman life for you.

    Also did I tell you that the game has one of the best soundtracks of the year? At any case, its clearly a must-have if you even remotely enjoyed gladiator games such as Shadow of Rome from the PS2 back in the day.

  • Rank 11:

    Probably a well known fact amongst all the duders, but Cook Serve Delicious 2 recently had been released on Steam after being anticipated for around 2 years. It is still the fantastic time management game I remember the first Cook Serve Delicious to be and then some more. Some people criticised the progression system in the new iteration of the game, personally I criticise the way you get stuff such as furnitue via a freaking Lootbox system and while the stuff you get is free, getting things via Random Number Generator takes a little bit away from the progression part. Being able to purchase items via in-game money you can earn while playing would've been way better in my opinion.

    The graphics are a huge step up from the first Cook Serve Delicious when we're talking about the food. They're all look amazing here and actually made me hungry from time to time. In terms of Sound and Music, the game is just as good as the first game. The games music sure works to keep you calm during calm moments and FREAK OUT ENTIRELY when there are a lot of people having lunch break (the game calls it Rush Hour quite appropriately).

    It should be said that the game is in active patch mode, new stuff comes in every month and the game will only become better and better as time goes by.

  • Rank 10:

    Steamworld Dig 2, which I call "Steamworld Dig but everything is better" from here on out, is just like the first game, but better. Well thats the review thanks for listening everybody! Wait, you wanna see more?

    Well, you basically dig deeper and deeper to the ground, finding challenge rooms and minerals to collect, which in turn you can sell when you're at the surface, which enables you to buy better stuff to dig and fight. Shortly after the tutorial part however the game turns into a Metroidvania but with the twist of keeping the basic premises intact. So you venture at different places such as temples and swamp-like caves, finding ores and going back.

    Graphics seem good, they certainly serve the general esthetics well, however I don't think they don't stand out or anything.

    All in all, a superb and very fun game and an all in all improvement to the first game.

    Its a game that is one of those examples of seeing a tiny video is already half the deal. If you watch a trailer of the game and just enjoy on how it looks or even seems to play I'd say that you should go ahead and pick it up as soon as possible, I did it and I'm glad I did.

  • Rank 9:

    Personally, I remember Yoko Taro as the guy who made the game where big babies eat bad people but for many others he is known as a person who clearly have seen the first 3 or so minutes of The Animatrix and thought "Blindfolded people are cool!" and made that the entire game! Jokes aside, besides Nier: Automata engaging gameplay, it's really great story and most of all amazingly soulful presentation the game isn't as perfect as I wanted it to be. The game however can be summed up with one word and thats engrossing.

    Unfortunatly, the enjoyment comes by spending dozends of hours beforehand and in this case it sometimes feels that Nier: Automata keeps pulling itself back to before becoming a fully worthwhile experence while, in some parts, becoming inevitably uninteresting which is due to its narrative design based on its typical design around action-RPG genre. In other words, it does some creative stuff, albeit such moments are far and few inbetween a whole lot of nothing. I'm thankful that the music was stellar, otherwise I just would've turned the game off forever.

    Yet regardless of Nier: Automatas fundamental problems and shortcomings and even if it takes a while to get fully going but by the time it does, I think it does this in a pretty impactful in context of the whole game before the last and final ending, it's just too bad some of the sidequests felt uninspired and bland even as flavor which I felt gave the game the feeling of a poor aftertaste. On the other hand, other minor quest made the experience far more worthwhile than anticipated, which was amongst the amazing writing of the Weapon side stories were the largest suprise for me. In general I felt like that Nier: Automata became a hit-or-miss experience so to speak. They certainly could've done better with the quest overall here but I'm still glad it delivered in the rough way it did, otherwise it probably would've certainly lost a part of its own little imperfect identity and overall charme.

    But without giving too much away, Nier: Automata is sort of a retelling of the first Nier. And the first Nier felt both a great step in a good direction regards on how you can present a story in a video game by using "chapters" in order to telling the same story from different perspective with a different playthrough. Yet contrary to what made the first Niers story great this new Nier feels almost lacking. However, the first Nier was a very rough gem as every other game Yoko Taro as a director was involved with before this.

    And let me tell ya that Nier: Automata is a big step up in production value of any game Yoko Taro worked before and besides, just like with Nier back in 2010, the music still is amongst the best there has been this year! I think most of the success and impact you will see in Nier: Automata is due to the sound design and music.

    Without wrting more about the game, all in all I feel like that Nier: Automata never fully realizes its potential but it is certainly aware about what it is and what it tries to tell the player. The best thing that happened with the game however is that Platinum Games took over to create it, it would've certainly been a bad decision to give this franchise to any other company, especially considering their previous works.

    Also I agree, Blindfolded people are cool so thanks with providing that Yoko Taro!

  • Rank 8:

    Well, its Cuphead. If you're reading this there might be a high chance that you've probably finished through the game already.

    When it comes to style, this game is the beginning and the end of it. For me, even a stylish game like Nier: Automata is even coming close on how this game plays its cards, and it does play them so well.

    Its weird that I can't find anything else to write about the game since its so simple. Primarily, this game is a Boss-Rush game, with some platform parts and other mini-games in between.

    The sound, especially the music is just freaking stellar. The graphics alone left me speechless, thats how good they feel and I'm sure that once you see it in animation you feel the same. This whole game just is a masterclass in production. It feels great, plays great, as astonishingly great music and the graphics give this game a soul that not many games may show. So even if the gameplay is kinda generic which is partially why its not placed higher on the list, its still a unique game on its own regard and I will remember it for years to come.

  • Rank 7:

    Probably the Magnum Opus of all the Arcade games ever made, Nex Machina is a extremly tightly controlled twinstick shooting game.

    You basically go to level to level, clear rooms out of enemies and then move to the next one. In the end, depending on how high your combos are and what secrets you've found (and let me tell you, the secrets in the game turn it upside down a whole bunch) the game gives you a score while letting you show the score of others so its partially a competitive game, too.

    The game as great art and sound design, depiciting anything in a sort of digitalisted world. Stuff explodes in freaking cubes and they're all over the place, furthermore it all looks great. The sound design neatly complements the statisfying feeling of making stuff blow up. With that said, I feel like that they should've not grasped for the stars here. The games artstyle sometimes makes it very difficult to see whats going on.

    I would certainly place this game even above Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice, but there is so much stuff going on that this is one of the very few games where I actually become dizzy while playing it, which is a shame really. Sometimes games can have too much going on after all. If you don't mind that, make sure to get the game right the hell now, its simply the greatest arcade game of the year and one of the best arcade games of all time.

  • Rank 6:

    I feel that this is an really important game. There aren't any twists and turns, the games story is a very subtle and human experience on the topic of mental illnesses. Unfortunately, its just as pretty as it is short so its really difficult to write anything about it without spoiling it. But it incorperates serious and severe mental health issues with gameplay and world building. Its the only game I know where this doesn't feel over the top, obnoxious or even plain shocking.

    This game excels at depicting mental health problems in such a respectful but engaging manner that I cannot see anyone not enjoying this game even if its just for the unique experience alone. Or to the very least even just for the pretty graphics and astonishingly great sound design, which will give you goosebumps throughout the entire game!

    All in all, this game is a supremely emotional experience but beside that, the way they used a real mental health issue to make a video game out from while still handling it maturely is such a great step in the right direction.

  • Rank 5:

    Whats this? A game from 2009? What the...have I've been sleeping? Oh please don't say such things, Bayonetta just was released on PC by the middle of this year! An incredible action game, you play as a Sexy-Poledancing-Witch who holds the same name as the video game, who is kicking and punching Angels (depicted as a sort of corrupted versions of such, akin to what Demons are in western culture). On the medium difficulty, this game has been pure fun for me personally. I do like the twisted artstyle and the game also does go a whole lot of places, arguably more so than Nier: Automata does.

    Personally its nothing but a matter of preference. There are some parts I didn't like, such as some bosses looking so disgusting that I didn't even want to look at the screen, while the game is so great that not looking at it feels bad! Jokes aside, this game is everything that is good with action games and I implore you my dear PC crowd to buy it if you haven't played it already. Its also the essential Platinum Games game, those are the folks who also worked on Nier: Automata so if you enjoyed the fighting in that game but instead of being or feeling sad you want to have some plain ol fun Bayonetta might be your game-of-the-year-you've-never-before-cared-about!

    Well, to be a bit more serious, chances are that you've already played it on consoles but for those who did not this is a certain must-buy for the PC crowd.

  • Rank 4:

    I don't even know where to begin with this one as Nioh: Complete Edition is a game unlike every other game I've played for a multitude of reasons. First off, this game is tightly based on real events and history which already sets it apart quite a bit from most of my Top 20 picks. I think its not unreasonable to type that Nioh: Complete Edition is the Asuras Wraith of action adventure games as with how the gameplay fully turns bonkers once you've spend 50+ hours with it.

    The most important reason is that it blends a lot of games together. Take a console game like Monster Hunter and Samurai Warriors and mix it up with freaking Diablo and throw them into a pot and you basically get Nioh.

    Nioh: Complete Edition is not a fully connected adventure even if it has a well written story. What I mean is that after you've finished the lenghy tutorial stuff you're thrown into the menue where you can pick missions, or quests if you will. Close to the end of each major quest, there is a major Boss Battle going on. After you won that battle you get a bunch of rewards, which are ultimately uninteresting because the statisfying feeling you get from everywhere else from the game. Killing monsters give you a lot of loot. Exploration during missions is very fun and rewarding which is mostly due to the great level design. Leveling up is nice and easy. Theres tons of extra enemies you can fight, too! From fallen people you can summon (the AI handles them) from Yokai that you cannot see through a thick layer of miasma, its up to you to confront them, run past them or sneak to go another route.

    Nioh sets itself apart from all the other action games by giving weapons different stances. Thats right, now you can make yourself a badass with a Spear just like you know from your favorite Wushu movies! When I first hold a spear and used the high stance I already felt paying 50 bones for this game was one of the best decisions I did this year! But yeah, even at full price this game is money well spent.

    In terms of Music this is typical AAA title stuff, and probably the part I like the least as theres nothing that stands out too much I'm afraid. Graphic-wise this is almost similar but the effects really look great and stand out nicely without being too obnoxious. The whole game just is pleasant to the eyes.

    Personally I like that grinding and playing perfectly complements each other, kinda like with Monster Hunter, where it was part of the game and ultimately, the fun. Don't get me wrong, this easily is a 200+ hour game. If you ever find the time to spend, you should pick this game up as soon as you can! But prepare for a good beating once in a while.

    And can you imagine how tough this one was to type up without comparing it to YOUKNOWTHATGAME? hehe

  • Rank 3:

    Oh boy here we go, we've reached le grand top 3. And this year it goes to this grand gem of a video game to fill the third spot.

    Hollow Knight is somewhat a generic game, yet very difficult to describe, fusing the likes of Metroidvania and Dark Souls, which also is a game that is quite similar to games like Symphony of the Night was. However, when it comes to good execution, Hollow Knight certainly is better than the two of them.

    In simplier terms, Hollow Knight is a 2d platformer and metroidvania game where you explore the world, finding new places. Fight bosses, discover dozends, if not hundreds of secrets.

    One of the good things about the game is that you can find and place so called charms to your chracters that can affect your playstyle greatly. For instance, one charms summons little flies around you protecting you from outside harm, yet saps a little of your energy that you may need to heal, compromises certainly also play a theme in Hollow Knight, with people trying to survive on their own in a small village inside an empire that has been driven mad.

    Graphics are extremly pleasant to the eyes, featuring hand drawn sprites and backgrounds. The setting is very unique, you're playing a "Knight-that-is-also-a-Bug" roaming around an almost dead Bug Kingdom, with a few sane individuals still existing trying to survive.

    Story wise it clearly beats the games it supposely ripped off from. The chracters made me all intruiged for more, but saying anything else would step into spoilery stuff. The calm mood mixed with its exploration and action part is masterfully pulled off and while melancholy is one of the major themes if not the most major ones, its so suble that you can just play without a second of care. Dialogues are similarly subtle than in games such as Dark Souls, but I've feel like in context they give a more vibrant ambience to the whole world, its characters, the general setting and ultimately the whole atmosphere. And that is exactly where Hollow Knight excels from what all other explorative types of games tried to do. Hollow Knight does atmopshere as Cuphead does artstyle.

    The games world is linked to the general gameplay in such a way that the world changes while you're progressing with the game. The more you explore the more you also find out about the world and ultimately yourself, often linked to certain secrets and other objects of interests that you can find. And at some points you may met even more difficult version from previous bosses that you've fought or uncover whole new game changing bosses by walking at random places. And let me tell ya that this game also offers dozends of greatly memoriable Boss fights.

    If you found anything I've wrote intruiging just go and buy the game already, its so much better than anyone could describe it. Its certainly a game I will never forget.

    Oh and it has a whole bunch of freakin BEES innit!

  • Rank 2:

    Oh boy the second spot! I mean it is the in-betweener! The one that is not sitting on the perfect place, yet is not so bad as the one before it. Sometimes in sports, people even root for the team that didn't reach the first place, underdogs and all that. But this game sure ain't no underdog, it is one of the biggest AAA titles this year after all. I'm of course talking about the sandy realms of Assassins Creed: Origins.

    And lots and fans and even haters agree, Assassins Creed: Origins is the very best of the franchise. Around four years in development, they were able to create a miniature country inside the game, the country of very late ancient Egypt!

    Without typing anything further, if that pitch didn't sold you you aren't sold by the setting alone, perhaps the fact that they basically changed the whole meat and bones of the games might change your mind. The game vastly feels more like The Witcher 2 and 3 does compared to basically any other Assassins Creed that came before it. It really is a lovely and fantastic game. Its also supremly pretty looking and has great sound design. Especially at parts where you travel around where you hear some parts of the main theme kicking in. Even if difficulty-wise this isn't up there, especially compared to the previous ranks, I have to say that this game simply is a masterclass in atmosphere. Just walking around enjoying the graphics is time well spend. It certainly a game that has to be seen to be believed, a true "next gen" type of game and a technical marvel at that.

    However, storywise the game starts of really quite weak but it sure goes places and the whole story is pretty much just an excuse to let the player explore about the whole of Lower Egypt anyway (and for those who don't know what I'm talking about here, thats how the north of Egypt was called).

    Bayek, who is probably one of the more unrelateable Protagonists still is likeable enough to be a great Assassins Creed character. And without spoilering or typing way too much, overall the chracters and set ups that drive the story further all seem decently written, the only lackluster thing is the not-so-good voice acting.

    At any case, if you ever stopped playing any Assassins Creed game after the second one, be sure to pick this one up again, its the greatest Assassins Creed there is. Trust me, this is a must-buy.

  • Rank 1:

    I usually am very self aware by calling games "masterpieces" (there will be a special place in hell for me for ever calling Undertale one) but I go so far that this game comes very close to be it. Its just so perfectly executed and aware at what it does that it should be played through by just about everyone in order to see where I'm coming from.

    Gameplay wise this is a rather simplistic deal. You're playing as a anthropomorphic female cat who just came back to her small hometown. Its a little Rocko's modern life meeting Gilmore Girls. While you're playing, you learn about the history of the town, the friends and family you left behind prior before coming back to them during the events of the game, but ultimately about yourself. The gameplay is complemented by several minigames that are unique to the situation you're in.

    Graphic wise, the game is really nice to look at, the colors are all vibrant and complement the calm mood of the game very nicely. The game stands out most when it comes to the phenomenal music which isn't only memoriable but its also adding so much to the game, it surely is a feast for the ears. It comes to no suprise that I got reminded by the game Aquaria when I first played through Night in the Woods, as booth soundtracks are done by the super talented Alec Holowka.

    What I did enjoy about the game the most are not the truer-than-life settings, chracters or even the dialogues but rather that the game is extremly deep while completly respecting the time and willingness of the player to engage with the depth of the story, the setting and the chracters rather than just forcing it all upon you. You can choose to analyze the game in all aspects, even if you want to analyse the game from a politically standpoint you can go such lenghs, and oh boy does the game go places.

    What I mean is that this is one of the very few video games where choosing whatever you want to do with it doesn't seem you're looking at the game from the right angle or not. In a way, this is what true art is at its core. Not finding the right interpretation but depending on the focus of the viewer. The game is as fun as it is thought provoking, yet it raises statisfying answers while still providing unanswered questions, too! Its really just up to you what you make out of it.

    Or you can just enjoy the chracters and love the dialogue. Its a game for everyone. You laugh or feel sad. Its kinda life from an very honest and human angle, perhaps thats why people love this game a whole lot.

    The game has quirks, so much in fact that its really just a strong hit-or-miss type of game depending whether or not you enjoy the general tone and vibe from the game or not. You either enjoy it or hate it lots but its up to you!

    Or to the very least, just play it for the major minigame that you can play every time you use your in-game laptop, which is really great actually.

    Well and that finally concludes it. Time to chug down a beer, reminiscent about myself and burp very, very loudy to the accomplishments of actually creating such a list. I will raise a very sincere thumbs up for you to finish through it, too! Remember, we are all living in the best time to play video games!