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    I dunno why, but this video does not have the Fallout 2 tag on it -- I couldn't find it from the Fallout 2 page, but all other parts of the series do have those tags.

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    @capnrobert said:I see you other mech warrior 5 fans.I literally Ctrl-F'd Mechwarrior once I read the first blurbs.

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    @briten said:Some good original xbox games:Star Wars: Knights of the Old RepublicProject Gotham Racing 2Black (Not Exclusive but a ton of fun)Ninja Gaiden BlackJade EmpireDarkwatchMechAssault 1 and 2...

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    I think Waypoint will have a cast or something. On GB, maybe Vinny will do a thing?Edit: Also, while the story for this is super simple and bad, the action is the stuff I liked out of MWO. I'm excited...

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