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@wolfgem75: really reaching, but Okage: Shadow King?

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A first person adventure/dungeon crawler for the Atari ST. It was sci-fi themed, lots of reds and blacks. You controlled one character -- no party system that I remember. The character you did play was very uniquely designed, but the only thing I recall was lots of red sci-fi looking tubes coming out of them.

When you pressed a movement button a very distinct sort of squishy-cybery sound was made.

I played it around 93-94, but could have been made before that.

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@the_ruiner: Oh, if you get stuck like that again, use the terrain manipulator if you want a shortcut out. It can scale way bigger and doesn't take an arm and a leg to recharge.

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@the_ruiner: The Waypoint folks got that same bug a couple of times on a recent stream. Its wild that that made it into the release version!

A few things I've noticed:

  • A lot of plants and minerals you can scan will have a "scan required" resource as part of them, which once scanned reveals a secondary resource you will get out of mining them from that point forward. How common these are depends on the planet itself, but can lead to finding some otherwise uncommon or rare resource to be very abundant.
  • New animal behaviors, specifically herding.
  • Your scanner has some new information in it such your current long/lat on the planet and the local time.
  • The new terrain generator has created better cave systems that are far more interesting to explore and feel less like two intersecting planes that randomly close off.
  • There are new ship types and designs that I had not seen before.
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Loading old saves can be a little buggy, I've found. Couldn't fly my ship out of the station it placed me on, so tried to desperately get the money together to buy a new one and that fixed it, but cleared my wallet and most of my items to do so. :/

That said, new stuff has been really cool so far.

Might be worth starting new to poke at the new stuff and keep the old one to give it a crapshoot.

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Woo! Finally, I'll actually have the time set aside for this!

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@sweep: Yeah, they need to bring in ECMs and AMS into the game, and maybe some vertical cover that can act as an means to help counter indirect fire.

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I haven't tried any skirmish yet, though I've made some cool loadouts I wish I could just import into the skirmish list. That said, some of the lances I sent out on some missions worked much better than others. One of my favorite lances was:

-A Commando I built into a small LRM boat, piloted by someone with Multi-target and sensor lock. Great for scouting and able to lower mobility on multiple targets from safe cover. Also 10 LRMS + M Laser can still be dangerous in the right situations.

-A Vindicator, stock build. Put someone with high piloting in there and use it to harass and "speed tank" by jumping often. Does heat up like crazy if PPC and jumpjets are used, but realistically its not there to fire much off.

- Thunderbolt, TDR-5S. While the enemies are busy swatting at the Commando and Vindicator, this mech can not only fire some decent LRM volleys while moving up, but once it has line of sight it can dish out some punishment.

-Hunchback, HBK-4G. Heavily armored to tank, AC-20. nuff said.

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@hayt: If you're still having issues with this, in the Main Menu, click your callsign in the top right. From the new window, click on the Update Profile button, should be the middle of the three presented. In here you can update your callsign and change your lance colour scheme.

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If you've been following along with the Waypoint crew, you will probably have heard their talks of Dekker, one of the 5 starting Mechwarriors (including you) that your merc crew has.
And he's a totally nondescript redshirt.

This has led to a lot of talks of people losing Dekker in hilariously fleeting or heroic fashions, as it would with anyone bearing a resemblance to a specially selected member of the Tactical/Security whose face you just didn't recognize.

So what's yours been?

On my end, I actually haven't lost a single character yet, and Dekker has actually become one of the most distinguished 'mech pilots I have. The guy won the battle at Panzyr almost entirely on his own. I threw him into my just recently acquired Firestarter, as I had dealt with a swarm of them in the past and got freaking rocked. Unfortunately I didn't think about how ineffective flamers would be in the snow. Thankfully, the Firestarter has such a massive jump distance with its stock equipment that I didn't really need to do much damage, and more just survive with the rest of my lance, while Dekker bounded his way to the control center and machine-gunned the damn thing with 5 rounds to spare.

Motherfucker is a legend.