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My GoG collection

My entire GoG Collection, including the free stuff.

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  • I grew up playing Flashback when I was a kid. The game blew me away not only in narrative, but it's play style was hella cool. When I found out about this, started playing and, well, didn't stop. Great effing game.

  • I could definitely see where this game would get it's cult following, though even for a game made back in 2003, it has some hardcore jank.

  • Free.

  • One of (if not, THE) greatest World War II tactical games out there.

  • I find some very very sim-y games fun. This is one of them.

  • Still have yet to play it recently, though I remember loving this when I was 9

  • Bought this as it reminded me of Age of Wonders (Which I still have a copy of and works on the machines I have). Haven't given it a go yet.

  • Since the box itself isn't listed, GoG offers both Jim 1 & 2. It's a classic piece of my Genesis-heavy childhood.

  • The forgotten Fallout game that was much much better then other fans led on. Just don't play in Realtime mode or you'll put a keyboard through your monitor in a matter of minutes.

  • Effing giant ships, some great story and, well, some of the best space sim-ing behind TIE Fighter

  • This looked right up my alley: Big game, lots of sidequests and areas to explore, but one thing no one seems to mention is the unwieldy controls. The game feels like an awkward mix of Elder Scrolls and Blood Omen 2 this way, and it really doesn't do it any favors.

  • Haven't given this one a go yet.

  • Very cool space sim, though I haven't played enough of it yet.

    Main character as a kid in the early stages of the story is annoying as hell.

  • Free. Have yet to play this. I've had some time with Jagged Alliance 2 and if that's any indicator, this should be a good time.

  • Goofy shooting, somewhat awkward platforming. Still good, mindless, fun.

  • See above with a more coherent story.

  • Pack includes both the first and second MoO. I've gotten some time with MoO 2 and loved it. It's right up the alley of this Civ 2 fan.

  • I heard about this game years ago, but had no idea how many crazy ideas they had put into it. This game pulled me in like few others have and regard it one of the best action-adventure games I've played.

  • I still have yet to download this and give it a run. I promise I will soon!

  • Interesting open-world Diablo style game. Outside of the combat being a little slow, this game was the loot-heavy rub I was looking for.

  • Adventure game done unbelievably well. I had never even heard of this game before I saw it on GoG, bought it on a whim and loved the crap out of it.

  • Though not entirely revolutionary for the mech sim genre (Unless you're talking deforming terrain!) I still had a lot of fun with this back in the day. Still can't quite get it working right on my current set-up, but it'll happen.

  • Have yet to give this a go.