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Top 10 2014 Game Things

This year was a strange one for me; there was a couple months where I barely even touched games due to a break up of my fiance, and needing desperately to get the hell out of the house. This added a lot of titles that I have yet to actually play but bought ages ago (ex. Persona Q and Transistor) which easily could have ended up here, but gotta set a deadline at some point.

Anyway, here's what I can build with what I did play.

Edit: I honestly cannot think of 10 full games this year that I played and would throw up here. Weird.

List items

  • I cannot stop playing this. It is a lot of things that I love about space sims, freedom of exploration, dynamic systems and power struggles, exciting combat with lots of options (nothing is more satisfying than turning off your heat signature in an astroid belt, so you can sneak up on an unsuspecting pirate and then light him up).

    Is it perfect? Na, I wish NPCs would be more impactful on the world too, would make it feel more like a living world, and planetary landings is a must, but smart game development is one thing at a time.

  • Download it, it's the best free to play model out there and is a DAMN good CCG. Easily has taken up the most time of any game on here.

  • That one asshole now has a bag over his head I killed him so many times.


  • Not a perfect game by any stretch, but what they do get right is astounding. The shooting and movement has never felt like such the perfect mesh of timing and skill with loot drops that make sense, at least in the early levels.

  • what came in this update caused me to put, easily, a good 60 hours into this game over the course of a month. It completely revitalized what Diablo III is as a game and it's damn good at doing it.

  • I was not expecting such good characterization in this game, but there we go, 20 minutes in and Blaskowitz is actually a human being, be in an insane one. Also, their mix of stealth with the insane Call of Duty-esque "Shoot everything" gameplay is actually quite refreshing and plays really well.

  • I love dynamic storytelling in games, it takes a lot to do that and it makes playing the game itself feel impactful. This War of Mine does what most text adventures can only do, but in active real-time gameplay. It's impressive.

  • Hack 'n' Slash is both fun and an incredible tool at learning Lua and game logic. It's a game that is a tool in the most incredible way; and I think it should be used in schools as a way of teaching these subjects.