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Top 10 Game Things* 2013

*Allows DLC to be included.

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  • Game play, narrative, acting, looks, it all sucked me in and held me there. This game is wonderful and would recommend it to anyone who can handle the subject matter.

  • So good I played it twice, in tandem.

  • Always be slaying Rathians.


  • Never has a game felt so grounded in its story telling and acting. It keeps you emotionally invested in everything and anything you come across because it all feels hand placed by the people who you learn about bit by bit.

    You did well, Hot Scoops.

  • While I was burned out by the Black and White (1&2) series due to it's slogging difficulty ramp, X & Y was a complete turnaround for the series. Never has the game felt so accessible in the best ways possible, surfacing some of the more complicated systems like EV training, and making the level curve feel much more comfortable and interesting. I only wish the post game content was a bit more rich.

  • I cannot think of a single thing I wanted more out of an expansion. It overhauls anything that was suspect in the original XCOM, such as turning the overly aggressive aliens into tactically driven beings. If I went into all the details I truly enjoyed in this, I'd be at it for the next hour, so I'll leave it where it is.

  • While I wouldn't reccomend The Stanley Parable to just anyone, as some of its best qualities are video game-y as FUUUUCK. That said, any time I open this gem up there something somewhere that will make me crack up something fierce. Oh! Also, some of the best level design I've seen this side of Dark Souls.

  • This is a surprise for me. Outside of beating one and getting half way through AC2 - which I bought 2 years after release, I might add -I just find that the series just isn't for me. While they are fun, sure, I get so goddamn tired of the series.

    Black Flag, while still an Assassin's Creed game, takes that, smacks it silly, and puts an eye patch on it. A lot of what I like is that it doesn't really care about its self-serious-multi-century shadow war meta story (well, for the most part) and the new gameplay elements just make it much more endearing as I take down a Spanish war ship and loot its sweet sweet cargo.

  • Interestingly enough, this is both as Shin Megami Tensei as you can get - balls hard, super grindy, ect.- but at the same time, the new it brings is very refreshing. 3D dungeon exploring is much more fun than the old grid paper system, and demon conversations feel much more tactical in each engagement, even when you know that demon in and out.

    I will admit, though, i need to play more of it.

  • This is pure prettiness and I enjoyed it for exactly that.