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"I'mma make a video game!" Part 5

Oh, right. This thing.

More than a year later, I decided that maybe I should finish this thing I was working on. I got distracted by more exciting projects last year which meant that Rölling Thunder (working title) was put on hold and I forgot all about it. I recently stumbled across the files when I was transferring stuff over to my new computer and decided to try and finish it, seeing as the only thing it really needed was more levels, which I'd already built a lot of last summer.

So where you at, dawg?

The game is pretty much finished, there are 29 levels (of varying length and quality), I've nailed down par times for them and all that. I put the game up for review (i.e letting other XNA dudes play it to make sure it doesn't crash or violate any of Microsoft's rules for the Xbox marketplace) but when a couple of my friends played it they were unable to finish the second level and accidentally kept clicking the left stick (thus changing camera view). I decided to pull the game back down to rebalance the early levels and fix the issue with the camera, meaning it'll be another week before I'm allowed to put it up for review again.

Since there already is a game called Rolling Thunder by Namco out there in the world I've had to change the name. Unwilling to spend hella time coming up with a good name I've elected to call my thing Rolling Hot Balls: A Love Story. Because hey it's like balls you know, like testicles thatshellafunnyrightaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

Here's a video:

Picture quality's not great.

One last thing (if anyone reads this, I guess); is it OK to have the splash screen that starts your game be a picture of you with your name under it or is that something a total asshole would do?


"I'mma make a video game!" Part 4

Right. While I've made some progress in these past five days, I'm not as far along as I've hoped. I basically lost two days of work when a buddy drove down to celebrate my birthday, resulting in me spending friday and saturday playing MW2 and RE5 with him, instead of grinding in C#. I'm hoping to get some more work done tomorrow, when I'm set to show off what I've made to the other programmers. Hopefully their stuff won't be too far ahead of what I've done. 
Also, sorry for not answering some of the questions people wrote for the previous posts I've made. I'll try to get better at it.

So where you at, dawg?

Cleaned up some of the UI, since I don't want there to be a tonne of debug-information for when I'm demoing the game. 
Built five simple levels to show off, extended the editor-mode to allow me to create goal-areas and enemies. 
Fixed the timer so that it actually keeps track of the player's score, and added a pause-menu and a victory screen that's shown when the player reaches the goal. 
Looked into functionality for saving the player's time on their storage unit, but abandoned it in favor of other issues. Will have to come back to it later.
The version shown below is the one I've now submitted to my professors for them to evaluate whether I've passed this part of the course I'm taking right now.
The time is now 7:51 AM. I need to go home and try to get some sleep.


"I'mma make a video game!" Part 3

Been a while since the last post, but I'm making progress. I've finally been able to figure out a way to create the buildingblocks dynamically, rather than reading .fbx files from Maya, and also figured out how to tile the texture on the blocks so that it's never stretched regardless of how large the different sides of the blocks get.
 This all means that I'm now able to create blocks of any dimensions, which was something I had to do, since building levels out of 1x1x1 cubes would be monstrously unoptimized and would dramatically lower the number of frames rendered, especially on the 360 and its 6 year old graphical chip.
I've also given life to the dude-model, who now not only follows the player but also rotates to face him as he chases the player around.

So where you at, dawg?

Since most of the work I've been doing has been under-the-hood stuff, the game doesn't look that different. I've turned down the lighting a bit and expanded the editmode a bit. As previously stated, the dude-model can now chase and push the player, but the pushing is still disabled in the video.
Also made an intro-video in flash and windows movie maker that plays when the game starts. Next on the to-do list: add support to the editor for placing dude-models, adding some sort of goal for the player to reach, some tiles that'll boost the player's speed and possibly some kinda power-ups.


"I'mma make a video game!" Part 2

Not that much has changed since the last post, but it feels like I'm making progress. I spent the bulk of the day yesterday trying to supplement the XNA content importer so that it would handle skinned, animated 3D models. The biggest change since last time is probably the support for reading level data from .XML-files and to create such files in-game, making the process of creating simple levels smoother than if I'd had to plot out X,Y and Z-coordinates by hand.

So where you at, dawg?

There is now a level-select screen from which the player can choose from one of the three test-levels I made. By clicking the right stick an "edit-mode" can be activated which lets the player add new blocks, remove them all, save the level and not fall to their death. Also added a timer, but it's not used right now other than displaying the elapsed time since the player entered the level.
 Next on the list of things to do includes multiple block types, saving the player's recorded time, and making the space marine-dude patrol a set path and chase the player if he gets too close.


"I'mma make a video game!" Part 1

Well, what's all this then?

Okay, so short back-story: I've been in what I assume is the Swedish equivalent of college for the past 18 months where I've been studying game programming (and some other crap that came with the package) and a little bit of math. While I've made a few games during all of this, they've all been in the context of me learning how to program, so most of them are pretty tech demo-y.
Right now there are no lectures for a while, and I've started working on a project intended to end with me having a fully-fledged 3D game that I can release for the 360 through the Xbox live indie marketplace.
The game will be a puzzle game in the same style as something like Kororinpa, with the player rolling a ball through a maze while avoiding enemies and trying to reach the goal, collect a bunch of stuff or something of the kind. I'm set to show off my complete game (or at least something close) to the professor-dudes on the 11th of January and if all goes well I'll be able to submit it for peer review on microsoft's app hub (the place where dudes like me submit their games for certification before they're released) shortly thereafter. 
 I'll try to keep this blog going and update it as often as I can. Hopefully you duders will have some ideas or opinions on what I'm doing. If not, I'll at least have some sort of log that I can use when the project's over and see how far I've come or horribly I've failed.

So where you at, dawg?

 I've been working in 3D since mid-november and most of it's been spent on technical stuff like lighting and getting the camera fully functional. Right now there's not that much to see. The player controls a ball with the left stick, jumps with A and attempts to roll into the crappy spheres I made in Maya. There are also five black cubes in the middle that he can collide with or jump up on. Pretty psyched about those.