Games with a "Giant Bomb" in it.

Late on in Jeff and Ryan's Quick Look of Section 8:Prejudice,a character has a line of dialogue that refers to an oil refinery as a "giant bomb".Which naturally made me wonder:If the namesake of this very site were pulled from the vast world of videogames,and if so,how many times has an instance of "giant bomb" text or dialog or actual giant bombs(i.e. abnormally sized in comparison to known or accepted specs) appeared in games?This list is therefore created as an unofficial indexing of said games.

List items

  • See intro to list.

  • In the game Mario is forced to battle King Bob-omb at the top of a mountain.King Bob-omb,naturally is a towering Bob-omb with a crown,qualifying him for this list.This section will also cover other Mario titles he has featured in for the sake of brevity,contrary to this text...

  • Though all Bomberman titles heavily feature bombs of various types,the first Nintendo 64 title was the first to allow Bomberman to make giant bombs via,oddly enough,picking up a bomb and holding it for an extended length of time while mashing on a button to make it grow.

  • For a space marine kindly returning a large explosive device to the strangers that left it at his residence.