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Digging Terraria 0

After seeing the Quick Look for Terraria (helpfully linked to here) and seeing it going for a song on Steam,I figured I'd give it a try and see whether it was worth the fuss.Turns out,it's well worth the price of purchase.Though it throws you right in the middle of things practically blind,deaf,and dumb,your abandonment in unknown lands actually turns out to aid in the appeal to the game.That lack of knowledge breeds interest and curiosity,which naturally progresses to invention,innovati...

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5% Inspiration,95%Perspiration 0

     Skate 2 Is a game that is quite offputting at first,difficult to master,and incredibly frustrating,as the difference between making a trick and becoming a mess of tangled wreckage is literally a matter of millimeters.However,when it occasionally all works out perfectly,when the pieces fall in place and you ace that one gap or perfect line you've been laboring away at,it almost gives a euphoric sense of contentment and accomplishment.        After fashioning your character(or lack thereof),y...

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