Stuff I Like In Games

Boop a doop stuff I like but I'm not done yet~

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    I will use this in every single game which has one. If the game doesn't have one or if it sucks and I'm playing on the PC, I will download a mod that puts one in that is better. *ka-chnk-ping*

  • Grappling onto stuff fucking rules. Zipping up walls, swinging from things, attaching to helicopters in order to hijack them and crash them into the God damn ground - grappling potentially allows the exploration of spaces in a fun and fast way.

  • I love punching people in videogames. Obviously games like God Hand slake this lust, but also in RPG style games like Oblivion/Fallout, or even FF Tactics I will spec my dude for hard punching.

  • Always delightful. I like it when games do weird stuff like this. Sometimes the song is actually decent, like in God Hand.

  • Wizards are great. I like playing as a straight up wizardly old man like the dude pictured if I can instead of some dumb Runeslayer Magekiller or whatever dumb dressing games try to put on their crappy hand-me-down Wizards.

  • In MGS2 and 3, I don't know how it happens, but I ended up nutshotting like 90% of the guys in that game. It wasn't even intentional, something about the way the aiming worked in that just made it happen. It was fun, though.

  • First I want to say that the picture for this article is perfect and could not have been anything else. Second, riding on missiles is awesome, such as in Unreal Tournament, where it was awesome, or in Parodius, where it was awesome in a different way.

  • Basically procedurally-generated content of any kind is something I love, although I have a special fondness for dungeons generated in this way. Roguelikes, action RPGs like Diablo/Torchlight/etc. Speaking of Roguelikes...

  • There's no better way to get a player to be super paranoid and afraid of even the smallest things than by dangling before them the poisonous carrot that is permadeath. Try playing games such as Far Cry 2 or STALKER while imposing permadeath upon yourself for extra "fun"!

  • As a tremendous nerd, I enjoy reading stats about myself. RPG-style character stats are great, but I also like when a dev goes the extra mile in non-RPGs and gives you tons of stats about dudes killed or doors opened or steps taken or whatever.

  • If I can I will, all the time. For no reason. It's compulsive.

  • If a game features this as a location, I will be roughly 1000% more interested in it. For whatever reason I have always been fascinated by the CNPP. So yeah, I like the STALKER games a lot partly for that reason, in addition to them just being great games.

  • Speaking of settings I like, how about fucking outer space. It's infinitely large and infinitely awesome. Space rules. I hope we make some cool advances in real life space exploration technology within my lifetime... even if it's just a moon base! Come on! Please?

  • You know what's more awesome than jumping? Jet packing. Dark Void was kind of crummy but the jet pack was badass. Shadows of the Empire was kind of crummy but the jet pack was badass. There's probably other kind of mediocre games with cool jet packs but who knows. Jet packs are cool.

  • A good solid kick to a dude can be just as satisfying as a punch, which is already satisfying. Duke knows what I'm talking about.

  • Mega Man. Bulletstorm. Vanquish. The list might even go on. Always be sliding.

  • What do Paperboy, EarthBound, and GTA: San Andreas have in common? BICYCLES! And adversarial cars. Anyways I like riding bikes in games I guess.