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Top 10 Most Anticipated Things from E3 2010

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  • I thought this game looked pretty cool from the trailer, and from the fact that Epic and People Can Fly were working on it, but the E3 demo absolutely fucking blew me away. This game is going to be nuts, and February cannot come soon enough.

  • I love Fallout. The whole series (not just 3, you haters). The whole tone, environment, and universe of Fallout is brilliant in its bleakness and dark comedy. Taking the already excellent gameplay of 3, and having some of the devs of the original add in their own ideas, is a great concept. I really hope Obsidian doesn't drop the ball here like they did with Alpha Protocol, because the only thing worse than a shitty game is a shitty game that was going to be awesome.

  • What with all of the games announced (specifically the SMT games), the cameras that take pictures in 3D, and the fact that the system displays 3D without requiring glasses that make you look like a special needs child from the future, the 3DS is the system to watch, and by far the more impressive piece of hardware shown at E3. This is coming from someone who doesn't like 3D very much.

  • Now I have another reason to buy a PS3. Fucking Twisted Metal, one of my favorite franchises, is getting a new entry? Sign me up? The inclusion of helicopters seems strange, but I trust David Jaffe to deliver an awesome game. Or I'll kill him.

  • The conclusion to one of my favorite shooter series, Gears 3 looks to be the best. 4-player co-op, improved Unreal engine, bigger and nastier enemies, and even more badass characters (plus Epic's improved focus on story) are all contributing to what will surely be one of the best games of 2011.

  • I was at first worried that this game would be a half-assed pseudo-sequel instead of a full-fledged game. The E3 demo changed that. While I am more interested in the continuation of Desmond's story and the possible end of the world that the second game hinted at, I'm not going to turn down another game in the series.

  • I am going to trust Ubisoft on this one, even though I wasn't initially digging the art style. This game just looks plain silly and I am all right with that. Rayman is an awesome character and I think he has the potential to return to what made him great in the first place with an excellent side-scroller.

  • Combining impossibly cute graphics with innovative gameplay, Kirby's Epic Yarn looks to be just that. I like the idea of manipulating the environment and "unraveling" obstacles and enemies. I'm keeping an eye on this one.

  • A Need For Speed Hot Pursuit reboot being developed by the creators of Burnout. 'Nuff said.