Am I the Only One Who Isn't Feeling Street Fighter IV?


   Those knee-jerk responses I can almost hear in the future say "That's just because you suck at it." And, yeah I know. For the most part, I do suck at it. I'm not the best fighting game champ ever, and lord knows I have things like other games, friends, a job, and showers to take... so I don't have the most time in the world to dedicate to the fourth Street Fighter, although I kinda wish I do. The game is fun. I enjoy the none-to-overly-complex combos (though, honestly, still prefer the Smash Bros. method of combat input), and let's all admit the game looks great.

   But why is the barrier for entry so fucking low?

   I suck, yeah, but I should be able to play through Arcade mode on Easiest a few times, do some training mode to help learn my moves, and then use Trial mode to build up some combo knowledge... except that even on Easiest, the game is way to brutal. Zangief just will NOT stop pile-driving me! As far as Trial mode goes, trying to pull off Abel's level 3, 3rd combo just isn't working. Nothing in that game is telling me how to do it, it just tells me what to do. There's no instruction on when to time my shots, or anything. So after 100 or so tries to throw a heavy punch and follow it up with his sweet punch-combo (that I have down solid), I still can't seem to link the two. Any advice out there?

   So, I'm not going to give a formal review. For one, nobody wants to hear from the guy who doesn't "know how to play," and I don't know near enough crazy shit about this game to give an in-depth opinion. All I can say is that I really, really wanted to get into this game, but it's refusal to stop destroying my face seems to be hindering that just a bit. Maybe I'll keep it around, play against people of my more relative skill level... Lord knows the online crowd is full of people who won't let off the "TIGER! TIGER! TIGER!" Also, why does every fucking person crouch? That's not how you fight. Stop crouching.

   /end rant

   Anyway, sorry I haven't posted any reviews lately (mostly sorry to myself), but I've been spreading myself thin between games lately, especially on DS. Without going into review depth, let me just make the following DS recomendations: Moon, Final Fantasy IV, Big Bang Mini, and Dementium: the Ward. All fantastic games. I'll talk more in upcoming reviews sometime in the hopeful future.

-Make it a Good One.
Randy "Dr. Randle" Marr