Games I've played. Mostly rented from Gamefly

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  • I played this game, thought it was really fun, enough to make me buy it. So I bought it and moved onto my next game. Came back to it a few months later and hated it. I guess I'm just not good enough to control the cars and don't want to spend the time to get good at it again because it was quickly boring me. Fun while it lasted.

  • Playing this currently. This is my first game of the MGS series. I love it and am addicted so far.

  • Currently playing this one off and on. This game is so much fun and is so fast sometimes you might throw up.

  • In process

  • Boring.

    P.S. I love Star Wars games too.

  • I couldn't pay attention. Played this for about 6 hours total which I'm sure is not nearly enough time to get into a FF game but whatever, I got bored.

  • Loved this game. This has been my favorite PS3 game so far. Boss battles were a little frustrating because of the ridiculous amount of deaths you had to endure before finding out what you were supposed to do. I said F* that quickly and just looked up a walkthrough.

  • Fun for the most part. I have the same complaint about this game as I did about Heavenly Sword. The end battle was frustrating because I just wanted the game to be over already so we could get to the obligatory open-ended story's finale and I could not figure out what the game was wanting me to do to beat the guy.

  • This game's campaign was pretty fun. I actually enjoyed it even though the stories ending was a little too "tying up of loose ends." I guess thats better than the ending that ensures if the games a success they can keep making sequels. My friends and I have a lot of fun online with this game too.

  • Awesome!

  • Of course